The Creative Holds the Key

Original Fiction

Death of Night -- Work not yet Posted

My X-Files Fanfiction -- All are complete.

The Rift and the Abyss (106 K)

Reset by Peer (7 KB)
Frustrations of the internet, and modem connections.

Frustration (2 KB)
A brief ditty. Everyone needs to vent sometime.

Clone (6 KB)
Far future, vague X-Over with Highlander

The Journal Series
Journal I (4 KB)
A glimpse into Scully's Journal, in the midst of her abandoned hotel room, is the only explanation he will receive...

Journal III : Never Inevitably Comes (70 KB)
Comes after Part I, part II, if it is ever written will be about the time Scully is in CA. I received questions while writing this chunk, which made me declare this III, in case I ever write II.

Innocence is Dreaming Series

These stories diverge from cannon, shortly after Scully was given Cancer on the series.

Never Alive (6 KB)
Mother's Day 1997 reveals some information Scully never wanted to have.

Broken Dreaming (9 KB)
Scully starts to scream.

Shattered Dreaming (10/30/97)
To live is the most difficult thing to do, especially when you had thrown in the towel.

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