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UPDATED 13th March 2004: Still alive - my first update for a year and a half. New stories added are Traditions , a Jed/Leo Christmas story (2002), Faith, Hope and Love, a Walter/Leo Christmas story (2003), and a self-explanatory sillyfic, Everybody Loves Leo. I'm also working on a couple of Leo/Hoynes fics which will be posted soon.



Faith, Hope and Love
Walter gives Leo an unexpected gift on Christmas Day (Walter Skinner/Leo McGarry, PG)
Night Flowering
Crossover fic with Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. Seriously. (Skinner/Swamp Thing, NC-17)
Screen Justice
A bedraggled, injured stranger shows up at the door, and of course love ensues. (humor, Sk/K, NC-17)
A Merry Little Christmas
My first Christmas!fic. It's Christmas Eve, and Skinner is visited by ghosts... or is he? (Sk/D, with Sk/K, M/Sk UST, R)
Run to Ground
Doggett helps Skinner cope with the aftermath of Mulder's disappearance. (angst, Sk/D, NC-17)
Mulderlocks, Mulderlocks, let down your hair - a bad!hair!fic. (humor, M/Sk, R)
Temporary Insanity
Kim's... indisposed. Will Skinner survive a day with the strangely fixated temp? (humor, M/Sk, R)
Happily Ever After
Once upon a time, there lived a poor, overworked AD called Walter Skinner... (humor, angst, M/Sk, PG)
Only This, And Nothing More
Skinner receives an unexpected late-night visitor. (angst, non-con, Sk/K, NC-17)
Mulder Comes to the Rescue
Angstfree badfic spoof. Love conquers all. (humor, M/Sk, PG)
The Dare II - Proof
"Sequel", of sorts, to Xanthe's The Dare. (humor, M/Sk, R)


Miracle Baby
A snippet based on TrustNo1 written to amuse Kristen. Het! (G)
The Fix
The end of the world as we know it, and Skinner gets his hair back... (humor, Sk/K, PG)
Post Mortem
DeadAlive!fic. Mulder turns up at Skinner's door, as usual. (angst, M/Sk, PG)
Hopelessly Devoted to You
Skinner tackles his deepest feelings for Mulder... sort of. (humor, Sk/?, R)
By Degrees
Krycek musings. (PG)
Another Day, Another Drama
No rest for the weary slashees. (humor, M/Sk, G)
Unfinished Symphony
Scully livens up a dull afternoon meeting with some heavy daydreaming. Hetfic! (Sk/Sc, NC-17)
A is for Angst
The morning after the night before. Alphabet challenge. (M/Sk, PG)
January Man
Skinner muses. Snippet for Requited's calendar challenge. (M/Sk, G)

Two men and a camera. Smiling!Skinner challenge. (M/Sk, G)


Drabbles (200 words or under, all M/Sk)

Requiescat   Mulder's funeral (written Dec 98)
Revelations   Office truths
Possibilities   Mulder ponders
Conspiracy   Time to fight back
Desire   Sometimes the things you most wish for...
Samantha 13:10   Millennial weirdness
Punishment   Someone deserves a good spanking



The Agents of Washington, or, A Slave to Duty
I am the very model of an AD in the FBI...
The Sound of Pain
Why in the world does everything happen to Mulder?


West Wing
Jed should know by now that timing is everything (drabble)
Leo listens (drabble)
It's Christmas, and some traditions are made to be kept (Jed/Leo, PG)
Everybody Loves Leo
Well, don't they? (sillyfic, PG)
Faith, Hope and Love
Walter gives Leo an unexpected gift on Christmas Day (Leo McGarry/Walter Skinner, PG)
Boot Camp (McSweeney/Meyer)

WARNING: Reality TV, hence Real Person Slash

The Art of Discipline
DI McSweeney gives Recruit Meyer some much-needed guidance (RPS, d/s, NC-17)
Star Wars (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan)
Naboo! or The Terribly Cheesy Tragedy of Obi-Wan Kenobi
His name was Obi, he was a Jedi... (filk, PG)


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Xanthe's X-Files Fan Fiction, for a huge collection of brilliant Skinnerfic with something for absolutely everyone, including the award-winning Subterfuge.
Danni's Bits and Pieces, for some light-hearted verse, and my personal favourites, the 'Mulder and the Pussy Cats' drabbles.
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