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Q What is the Metropolitan Museum of Mulder Art?
A: Pretty much what it sounds like, actually.

Q: What sets the MMOMA apart from the other 4,956,732 on-line Mulder/David Duchovny galleries?
A: As well as the classics of the MulderArt genre, (screen captures, publicity stills, magazine covers and layouts, and so forth) the MMOMA is proud to house many original works and manipulations, (see the Visiting Exhibits gallery) and lots of other stuff. And frankly, the Board of Directors have chosen only those works which, um, work for us. Really really work for us. Big time.

Q: To what do we owe this modern miracle of aesthetic pleasure?
A: As with all the fine products brought to you by our corporate sponsor, BVL™, including MulderClonesRUs™, ClonesForYou HomeCloning Kits™, The First Church of Mulder™ and The Better Virtual Living Card and Gift Company™, The Metropolitan Museum of Mulder Art is the result of our corporate patron, MaybeAmanda, and her overwhelming need to ignore her housework.

Q: Why?
A: Why not?

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