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Vignettes and Short Stories

The Dance
The memory of being alone with her on the porch, he just couldn't let it go. She'd been a little restless, almost pacing as she'd shared just a scrap of her night with him. Spike had felt his body following, unbidden, each move she made, in some sort of absurd and ethereal dance with Buffy as the lead.

Enigma Mature Content
"You never answered me. Why are you being so reasonable?"

"Because I've tried everything else, and it hasn't worked," he took a deep breath, and decided to take a chance. "Because I'm a fool, and I'm still hoping something will work."

Scenes from a Revelation Mature Content
This story is told from two different perspectives, first from Buffy's perspective, and then from Spike's. They are both stand-alone stories, but you'll only get the full picture by reading both of them.

Buffy POV: ...and then I'll be done

Spike POV: The Beast

Nominated in the Watching You Awards

Training Mature Content
"Bloody..." he whispered.

"...Hell," she finished for him.

Nominated in the Watching You Awards


"Because you love her, you dumb git," he said to himself, and stopped walking. He was dumbfounded. He knew there was a fire between them. He'd even accepted how deeply he'd begun to care about her well-being, and that of the Niblet. The kind of love he'd once clumsily tried to put into verse?

X-Files Fan Fiction

Vignettes and Short Stories

Call it a Feeling
"And I wonder if we should learn something from this. If there's a reason life handed us an infinite number of opportunities to save ourselves from dying in that bank."

Contradiction Mature Content
"Anger flowed within her, pulsing in her temples, twitching through her, filling every inch of her. White noise filled her mind, replacing any thoughts or tactics she'd originally intended to use in this situation, a situation she'd realized only moments ago she'd always regarded as inevitable. The energy of her rage built up in her, gathering together into a single intention borne of complete irrationality."

"The ride into work happened in slow motion. But familiar. The sensation. Like I'd done it before a hundred times just like this. And the surprise -- or what surprise could filter through the haze -- sank in. It was familiar because I'd been here before. It was almost as if I couldn't remember being any other way."

"The person who invented the mall, she thought to herself, should be roused from their sleep at 2:30 in the morning, tortured by the best sadists the late twentieth century had to offer, and then shot. In the stomach. Twice."

Perfectly Happy
"He allowed himself one moment to indulge in his reaction, one moment in the sure, clear knowledge that he loved her. It filled him, sweet and strong, and his hand moved to take hers. He swallowed, taking in the last air he would breathe before telling her, and himself, how he felt."

"And then there's silence. The silence saying what I can't quite say. You're safe. I felt like I was dying with you. I love you."

The Saddest Lines
"And just look at the sky. The stars, they're so beautiful. Like light reflecting off the ocean. Like the sparkle in Scully's eyes. And the wind, blowing around the house, its sound mellifluous and full. Like her voice, as beautiful when she's admonishing me as the rare and magical sound of her laugh."

Whole Mature Content
"Somehow, he'd have to forget the things he'd seen that night. Scully would never mention them to him again -- of that he could be sure. She would pretend, just like she'd asked him to do, that none of this had ever happened. If he wanted her to be happy, he would grant her wish."

Novel-Length Stories

Il Commendatore Mature Content
"Nevertheless, Mulder, I doubt that even you believe that demons came and took this opera singer, playing the part of Don Giovanni, down into the depths of Hell."

"You have to admit, Scully, that's one Hell of a bad review."

In the Water Mature Content
"All for you, Mulder. It's all been for you. It had taken her a long time to acknowledge it, that she had been used each time only to control Mulder. They didn't fear her contribution to their quest, they sought only to manipulate her partner through the things they'd done to her."

Possession Mature Content
"Scully, would this be a bad time to tell you I'm claustrophobic?" Mulder asked, apparently trying to lighten the mood. When the single overhead light cut out, sending them into total darkness, he added, "And that I'm afraid of the dark?"


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