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Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction

Borrowed Time by willa
"I guess I never imagined we would be like this. You and I. Together. I mean, I've dreamed that we were together." A blush crept into her cheeks and she bit her lip again. "But I guess I never knew you'd be so—"

Dark by willa
He always hated the dark. It had a bad habit of sneaking up on you and stifling you. Since he's been with her, though, he has learned to embrace it. In the dark he is free to hold her, and he is free to watch her.

Sinking by willa
"I grew up on the water, but when it gets like this, so fathomless, I think I become a little bit afraid of it. Of what's underneath."

Roswell Fan Fiction

Max had sat at table three. Just days ago he had grinned at her across the room, his dark eyes shining with tenderness. But now he was gone.

Irrevocable (Mature Content)
Max felt the shudder of her shoulders as she struggled not to cry, closing herself off from him. He knew well that the pain within them had no place to go if they could not share it with each other. He grabbed her chin in one hand and forced her face to the side. Her lashes were already wet with tears and her thin-pressed lips were trembling.

"They're shaken up, understandably. This whole destiny thing has sort of erased everything they ever planned to do with their lives. They don't feel like they have choices anymore." Alex tore his napkin-plane to shreds as he told them, focusing on making each piece as small as he could, doing anything to avoid looking at their haunted faces.

X-Files Fan Fiction

After Monday
"If I told him I remembered that day, I wouldn't be able to stop the fear from pouring out of me. He'd feel it. He would know what it felt like for me to watch him slip away."

And Back Again
"He sat back to regard the image before him. She had handed him the cardboard mailing tube as if she knew nothing about it, too nonchalant for him to believe her. And now she stood quietly in the hallway, watching him as he tried to figure out what the words meant to him now."

Broken     (Mature Content)
"The basement. It seemed like a lifetime ago since they had worked there, side by side. Scully shoved the memories of the banter, the camaraderie, aside. Things weren’t like that anymore. She focused on the space in front of her, willing herself not to sneak a glance at him."

Hands     (Mature Content)
"Continue the conversation? They hadn't even started the conversation. There was so much he had to know. Like, what exactly did his hands do in her fantasies? And what was the rest of him doing when they were doing it?"

"Dana had been loved before. Dana had been in love before. But Mulder had created Scully and he loved her. Scully."
Winner of a Gold Medal in the X-Files Fanfic Olympics

"The moon shines in the sky because it catches the light of the sun. I'm not your moon," she said, and he knew she was adamant.

"Sometimes, when he couldn't sleep, he would imagine the feel of her in his arms; an experience he didn't have nearly enough. He'd lost track of how many nights she was the last thing on his mind before sleep finally claimed him."

"She pushed her way into my life at a time when things were finally slipping into place. Her mere presence had the power to shatter my world. And the fact that she would have that power made me feel frustrated and weak; weak being something I've fought resolutely not to be."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction

In My Skin
"I'm not Oz's girlfriend anymore," Willow said seriously. "That's how people met me here at college. And, in high school, I was Xander's friend. His stupid, doesn't-get-that-he-won't-love-her friend. Now, though, it's different. I'm just me. Not me and someone else. He's not coming back, Buffy. I know that. It's time to evolve."

"Hope is aching elsewhere in my chest. Hope that afterwards he held her and told her how much she means to him. How much he loves her. Because that is what I would have done, had it been me."

My heart was beating erratically when I woke up this morning, almost as if it thought to hurry me on my way. Home to her. Maybe that's what it's been up to all this time.

"Finally, something had made sense as the rest of the world struggled and tore at itself to survive. With her, he could be anything. So while he didn't know, couldn't possibly know, what had happened to the girl who had once loved him fiercely, he was positive he had to fix it."
Winner of the 1999 Scooby Resident Hacker Award for Best Representation of Willow Rosenberg.

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