Breaking Point                                                     For The Record                                                    The Circle’s End

COMING SOON!                                                     Doggett POV set post The Gift                                Post Requiem

Skinner POV set post TINH                                     Rated PG, Vignette                                                  Rated PG-13, MSR, Angst

                                                                                SPOILERS-The Gift                                                  SPOILERS-Requiem, HAD, Home




Glorious Exception                                              A Good Soldier                                                     Embraced

How glorious it is–and also, how painful                Skinner reflection piece set during Within               When faced with unspeakable evil,

-to be an  exception. – Alfred deMusset                 Rated G, Vignette                                                    sometimes love is your only hope.

Rated PG, Mulder angst                                          SPOILERS – Within                                                  Rated PG-13, MSR w/mild horror

SPOILERS – Within, Season 8 spoilers                                                                                                   *****#7 ON THE TOP 10 LIST AT HOF*****





Image – A new case brings Mulder face              Shadows of Morning                                          Final Entry

to face with a mysterious stranger who                What happens after Mulder tucks Scully                Mulder’s final thoughts after Closure

forces him  to deal with his secret desires            in on his couch?                                                      Rated G, MSR, Mulder angst

as well as revealing some of Scully’s.                   Rated G, Vignette, MSR                                          SPOILERS-Closure, vague Bad Blood

Rated R, RST                                                           SPOILERS-All Things

SPOILERS- Glimpses of the last 7 years





Darkest Hours                                                      Christmas Snow / Parts 1 & 2                           Soul’s Confession

My own interpretation of the missing                      Mulder invites Scully to an old friend’s                    Scully comes to terms with some ghosts

hours in Sein Und Zein                                            wedding to make up for last year.                          Of her past and focuses on her future

Rated G, MSR, Angst                                              Rated PG                                                                 with Mulder

SPOILERS-Sein Und Zien                                        SPOILERS-HTGSC                                                   Rated G, Vignette

                                                                                                                                                                SPOILERS-Amor Fati




                                                                                Heart’s Conspiracy - Mulder and Scully

realize their feelings for each other, but

learn that revealing them could put the

other one in danger.

                                                                                Rated PG-13



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