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Hi ya! Aerie the kawaii elf girl here. <((^_^))> I am lord of all you're surveying right now. To give you a formal introduction, I've "invited" a very special guest. Let's give a warm welcome to the most powerful of Ruby Eye Shabranigdo's generals, he who has dominion over the spirits of mortals - Hellmaster Phibrizzo!

Aerie: *snaps fingers*

Phibrizzo: *dazed* Huh? Where am I?

Aerie: Meiou-sama! *glomps Phibrizzo*

Phibrizzo: Eh?!? Who are you?

Aerie: You've been summoned into the Chaos Zone. I'm Aerie, your resident miko/otaku.

Phibrizzo: Urk. Can't breath.

Aerie: Oh, sorry. *shifts out of glomping mode and backs off*

Phibrizzo: Why am I here?

Aerie: You're my favorite! And besides... Deep Sea Dolphin's a looney toon, Gaav's an ugly bastard, I don't like hanging around dark lords who smoke a lot, and I couldn't find Dynast. I think my sister has him locked up in her closet.

Phibrizzo: O.o

Aerie: I'm allergic to fruitcake, so that rules out Xellos. I guess I could have brought in Valgarv, but alas, I fear he's in the closet, too. My sis gets weird when I try to borrow her favorite villains. I still have bite marks from when I tried to appropriate Sephiroth.

Phibrizzo: *tries to sneak away*

Aerie: Not so fast! *grabs Phibby by the back of his shirt* You're not going anywhere until you help me introduce my website.

Phibrizzo: *sighs in resignation* OK. What do I do?

Aerie: Just read the cue cards, sweetie.

Phibrizzo: *ahem* Deep within the Sea of Chaos lies a dimension where anything can happen, and usually does. Here the laws of logic do not apply. This realm of insanity contains miscellaneous bits of nonsense, which happen to pertain to the anime series Slayers and Slayers Next. Hope you're lookin' forward to it.

Aerie: Thank you Phibby-sama! *glomp*

Phibrizzo: Urk. Can I go now?

Aerie: *eyes well up with tears* What, so soon? *pulls a Martina* Waaaaaaah! *tears begin to fountain out*

Phibrizzo: *pats Aerie's shoulder* There, there, it's all right. I guess I can bide here for a while longer.

Aerie: Yatta! <((^_^))>v

A commanding voice that resembles Lina Inverse's: Who dares to defy my will by resurrecting one who I myself have slain?

Phibrizzo: Holy shit! *hides behind Aerie*

Aerie: *gingerly raises her hand* Umm ... er ... that would be me, Miss Lord of Nightmares.

LoN: OK. Just checking. Have him back to the Sea of Chaos before his bedtime.

Aerie: Man, she IS chaotic.



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