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Sean - 06/06/00 03:49:52
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Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): Chest
Just saying hello, Sue!

jj - 05/26/00 02:06:42
My Email:jrsjordan@yahoo.com
Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): Every inch - head to toe
First visit here. Like the set up.

Nanci - 05/02/00 19:24:50
My Email:XFileKook@aol.com
I love your site! Especially the picture of "the skinhead's" pecs! Keep up the great work!

Cheryl - 04/29/00 15:32:33
My Email:willi94_2000@yahoo.com
Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): His shoulders,umm. . his gorgeous brown eyes, his ass, does his gruff voice count, too?
Comments: I love your site. I check it every day. I love how you write Walter, when I read your work I know that he will be treated lovingly!

LadyX - 03/08/00 02:59:36
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Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): what do you mean?.Body part?.His ass
Great site you have.Your one of my fave authors.

Gemma - 01/23/00 18:41:31
My Email:gemma_stone@hotmail.com
Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): who can pick?
Yum, yum, and YUM!!! I love every bit of Walter Skinner. Thank you for making this site such a joy to behold. Cheers!

Samantha - 10/20/99 20:21:36
My Email:mbcy51@dial.pipex.com
Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): That bald head! Wanna kiss it!
Comments: Keep writing, Sergeeva. Your Walter is so gorgeously described, and your stories so full of loving care for the big guy. Just what he needs. We know he's a teddy bear underneath!

Xanthe - 10/18/99 22:14:25
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My Email:xanthe@innocent.com
Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): Shoulders, eyes, long, long legs...oh, there see, it's impossible to stop at one!
You have the most beautifully designed site (love the double image pics on the pages) and you write such lovely, romantic, schmoopy fic! Long may you continue to delight us with and your lovely, loved, Walter, Sergeeva.

Sergeeva - 10/13/99 10:44:59
My Email:sergeeva@geocities.com
Nominate Walter's best bit (if you dare!): those beautiful eyes
Well I thought I should start this off... I hope I'm not the only one to sign in! Thank you if you did.

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