Mistress Xanthe 7 The Good Boys Club No one appreciates Walter - or do they? [35K, Sk/D, NC-17]

First Blood: the Sergeant's Tale A bit of hurt/comfort for a young Marine [34k, Sk/O, NC-17]

Ickle Alex Meets His Match A little comback to all those "poor misunderstood krycek" stories <g> [11k, R]

Laundry Snippet #1 My first Skinner/Krycek! Just a silly schmoopy snippet, but well... [4k, Sk/K, NC-17]

Laundry Snippet #2 Another version of the same scenario... [3k, Sk/K, NC-17]

Hard Times Mulder and Scully seduce their boss in unlikely places at work. A birthday gift for my darling Xanthe. [63k, Sk/M and Sk/Sc and Sk/M/Sc, NC-17]

Osaka in DC Walter and Fox relax in a little haven from all the stresses of their lives. [7k, Sk/M, NC-17]

 The Look of Love What do you get for the man who gives you everything? A gift for my dear friend Blue Mohairbear's birthday [36.5K, Sk/M, NC-17]

 Cordon Rose Walter takes Fox off for an educational weekend. For my dearest m.butterfly on her birthday. [35K, Sk/M, NC-17]

 Gifted Walter's friends choose birthday gifts for him. My birthday gift to my sweet Hal [43.5K, Sk/?, R]

Oh Mistress Mine Walter's life takes a new direction. A birthday gift for my dear Xanthe [34.4K, Sk/other(female), NC-17]

Oh Mistress Mine 2 - Munchies One snack leads to... another! [35.3K, Sk/Other(female), NC-17]

Oh Mistress Mine 3 - Sticky Patch Walter is in trouble... [68k, Sk/Other(female), NC-17]

The Lone Wolf and the White Knight an M/Sk romance for Halloween [22.6K, M/Sk, PG]

Bacchanal A very short, very silly bit of Threesome fluff... [1K, M/Sk/Sc, PG]

Turkish Delight What Mulder wants, Mulder gets... written as a birthday gift for my dear Holmes. [26.6k, M/Sk, NC-17]

Only A Movie? Mulder is a changed man after seeing The Phantom Menace [23k, M/Sk, SRA, PG-13 for mild slashiness]

Timing is Everything My contribution to the Requited Fantasy Calendar challenge. My month is February, so you can guess the theme... Mulder and Skinner plan to spend a special night together. [27k, M/Sk, SRA, NC-17 slash]

Surprise, Surprise An ABC challenge attempt. Just 26 sentences using each letter of the alphabet in turn. After hours at the office... [Tiny, M/Sk, VR, NC-17 slash, and schmoop alert!]

First Catch Your Man Walter has a problem, Mulder helps him out. [27k, M/Sk, SRHA, PG-13 for mild slashiness]

Once You Have Found Him, Never Let Him Go The sequel to First Catch... Walter's cabin, Valentine's Day, you can guess the rest. [60.5k, M/Sk, SHRRRR, lots of R!, NC-17 slash]

Birthday A snippet written for my friend Xanthe. A quiet loving evening. [4k, M/Sk/Sc, VR, PG-13]

Special Walter's day ends far better than he expected. More threesome comfortfic. [10k, M/Sk/Sc, SR, NC-17]

It Really Is A Wonderful Life Christmas schmoop. Walter and Fox at the cabin. [17k, M/Sk, VRHA, NC-17 slash]

Heavenly Bodies PWP in a tropical paradise. Written for my friend BlueMohairbear. [15.5k, M/Sk, VR, NC-17 slash]

Just Perfect Gratuitous Walter-worship by Mulder and Scully. No actual sex. [12k, M/Sk/Sc, VRHA, NC-17 for what they're thinking J ]

The Appointment I dreamed this (I swear!), otherwise it would never have come into being. This is a total fantasy - she wouldn't, he wouldn't, but I can't help enjoying the possibility. The lustful thoughts of a lady doctor. [17.5k, Sk/Other (female), VR, NC-17 for very naughty goings-on]

Overtime A response to a challenge to imagine (in under 300 words) how Mulder and Skinner might make that first move... Part one is by me, part two by Halrloprillalar. [very short, M/Sk, VR, PG-13 for very mild slashiness]

Twist A companion piece to Overtime. This is Hal's version, part one by her, part two by me. [M/Sk, VRA, Rated maybe R...?]

How To Shave A Tiger Written as a birthday gift for my dear Hal. Mulder (and Hal!) have a little fantasy, but will Walter let them fulfil it? [28k, M/Sk, SRH, Rated R]