I started to write Mulder and Scully relationshipper fan fiction in April 1998.  I have written over thirty stories which I posted to: XFCreative, EMXC, and XFF. All of the stories I have ever written are here for you to read and it can also be found on Gossamer.  

The Discovery Series
This series explores Fox Mulder and Dana Scully the joy of falling in love, getting married, and becoming parents. 

A Twist Of....  Series

What happened if things in the X-Files were different?  What
would the outcome be?  Mulder and Scully's twins, Dana and
Fox Jr., are now Special Agents working in the X-File Division
along side their parents.  This is the series that I am currently
writing...and will be available to read in this archive.

 A Twist of Pilot
A Twist of Fallen Angel
A Twist of Erlenmeyer Flask
A Twist of Little Green Men
A Twist of Fire
COMING SOON:  A Twist of Young at Heart
COMING SOON: A Twist of Sleepless/Pusher
A Twist of Duane Barry
A Twist of Ascension
A Twist of One Breath
A Twist of Memento Mori
A Twist of Christmas Carol
A Twist of Emily
COMING SOON: A Twist of The Field Where I Died
COMING SOON: A Twist of Beyond The Sea
COMING SOON: A Twist of Pine Bluff Variant
COMING  SOON: A Twist of Gethesmane
COMING SOON: A Twist of Redux/Redux 11
COMING SOON: A Twist of Patient X
COMING SOON:  A Twist of Red and the Black
COMING SOON: A Twist of The End
COMING SOON: A Twist of X-Files: Fight The Future
COMING SOON: A Twist of The Beginning

Companions to the A Twist Of... Series:

These stories and various information will help
the reader to understand the "Discovery/A Twist Of "

Back to the Past (Coming Soon)
The Wedding (Coming Soon)
Discovery/A Twist Of Series FAQ


Short vignettes reflecting the romantic and professional
relationship of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

Trilogy 1:
The Meeting (Pre-XF, Pilot and Travelers Spoilers, MSR)
Trilogy 2:
The Engagement (Season One spoilers, MSR)
Trilogy 2:
The Announcement (Season One spoilers, MSR)

Crossing Worlds Series
There's a character death in each alternate universe, but don't fear.... Mulder and Scully will reunite and explore their love.

Letters to Dana (Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate Universe. Scully and Mulder POV.)
Without My Soulmate (Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate Universe. Mulder POV)
I Have No One (Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate Universe. Scully POV)
Life Will Go On (Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate Universe. Scully and Mulder POV)
I Can't Win (Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate Universe. Mulder POV.)

> I posted a NEW WIP called, Ripple.

Chapter Three was posted on November 23, 2004.

Stand Alone Vignettes and Stories

Mulder's Birthday Present(The Truth and William Spoilers. NEW.)

The Telescope and the Universe(Season Seven spoilers.NEW.)

Advice Column

This Is The Beginning (The End Spoilers, Scully's Letter to Mulder. MSR)


Postively Yours
Crosses of Sand (Christmas Carol/Emily Spoilers. Scully's POV. MSR.)
Combination Sorrow (William Spoilers. MSR)
Scully's Birthday (Mulder/Scully Romance)
Dancing Baby Alien (Humor. MSR)
Mulder and Scully Meets The Teletubbies (Script Format. MSR. Humor.)
Diana Fowley's Death (Spoilers for any Diana Fowley episodes.)
Die Fowley Die! (All spoilers, including the movie! Humor.)
Come to the Field (The Unnatural Spoilers. MSR.)
Describing Scully (MSR)
A Phone Call to Scully (Milagro/Irresistible Spoilers. Mulder's POV. MSR.)
A Special Birthday Present (Mulder buys Scully a present. MSR.)
If I Die (Redux 11 Spoilers, Scully's Letter to Mulder, MSR)
If The Bee Hadn't Stung Scully... ((Movie Fiction, Mulder POV, MSR)
Returning The Cross (Movie Fiction, Scully POV, MSR)
Leaving My Love (Movie Fiction, Scully POV, MSR)
Near, Far, Wherever You Are (Movie Fiction, MSR)
My Heart Should Go On (Movie Fiction, Scully POV, MSR)
The Red and the Black (Red and the Black Spoiler, Humor, MSR)
As I Wait (Movie Fiction, Mulder POV, MSR)
A Little Twist of Three (Mulder/Scully Married. 3, Duane Barry, Ascension Spoilers!)
A Little Twist of One Breath (Mulder/Scully Married. One Breath spoiler!)
Frustrating Day (Other POV. Mulder/Scully Married.)
Traffic (Mulder/Scully UST to Mulder/Scully Romance. PG-13 for a passionate kiss!)
Asking Me to Choose (Mulder/Scully Romance. Mulder writes a letter to Scully after the events of the Season Six premeire, The Beginning.)
A Love Triangle in the Past (Triangle Spoilers. MSR.)
Insecurity of Looks (Sanguinarium Spoilers. Mulder/Scully UST.)
A Millennium Love Letter (Millennium Spoilers. MSR. Scully POV.)
Betwixt (Closure Spoilers. MSR. Mulder POV.)
She's Gone (MSR. Character Death. Mulder POV.)
Soda (MSR. No Plot. Humor.)
Mine (Mulder/Scully Romance. Requiem Spoilers. Babyfic.)
Dear Samantha (Mulder Angst.)

Stand Alone Stories (not part of any series)

Coming Soon

Searching My Soul (Ally MacBeal/X-Files Crossover, Mulder/Scully Romance)
The Beginning of Love(Mulder/Scully Romance. The End Spoilers)
Changing The Past II
Scully's Vacation

Completed Stories

A Lost Love (Scully/Other then Mulder/Scully Romance, Movie Fiction)
To Start Again
1 2 3 4 (Mulder/Scully Romance)
Hearts Entwined (Mulder/Scully Married, Alternate Universe)
The Conversation of Love (Mulder/Scully Romance, Movie Fiction)
Lost and Found
I and II (Mulder/Scully Married. What if Mulder was abducted instead of Scully in Duane Barry, and Scully had to find him.)
Matter of...Trust (Mulder/Scully Romance. Spender/Scully Friendship. The Beginning spoilers. Will Mulder win Scully back? Can Spender talk Scully out of transferring to San Diego?)
Another Life
1 2 3 4 5 (Scully sees Fowley and Mulder kissing and drives off mad. She ends up in an alternate reality where she's married to Mulder.
Another Life II: The Reunion of Souls 1 2 (Mulder/Scully Romance)
A New Life
1 2 (Mulder/Scully Romance)
The Weirdest Day Of My Life (MSR. Scully's journal entry. Scullyfic Improv fanfic)
Someone Else (Movie Fiction. MSR. Scully/Other. Introducing David Mulder.)
Strange Night of Dana Scully (YFU Improv fanfic. MSR)
I Want Mulder (Rated R. MSR. Sefamsrn Improv fanfic.)
Changing The Past (MSR. Mulder and Scully decided to change her abduction.)
Everything (MSR. Will Scully transfer?)
Stars In the Sky (Pre-XF, Mulder/Scully UST.)
A Winter Storm (Mulder/Scully Married. Up to Season 7 Spoilers.)

Jeffrey Spender Stories

More recently, I started to write Jeffrey Spender fanfic involving his romance with an original character I'd created named Melanie Alomar. She was his partner/lover before Diana Fowley and she was the one who had taken Scully's Salt Lake City FBI Field office transfer.

Spender's Surprise: Spender/Melanie Romance. Spender gets a shock when his ex-girlfriend/partner returns. With David Mulder and Melanie Alomar.
Just Smile: Spender's happy because both his mother and Melanie had reutrned into his life. Spender/Melanie Romance.
Spender's Daughter: Meet Melanie and Spender's daughter named Lauren Dana Spender.

Erin's WIPs (includes "To Start Again")
Erin's Recommendations

Mulder Scully Romance Fanfic Mailing List (MSRfanfic)
I had created a new list for writers and readers of MSRs called MSRfanfic. I would like for you to look at the new MSRfanfic Archive. You'll find out how to join and read the stories of our members. The archive is still under construction, but the MSRfanfic FAQ and the "How to Join?" sections are up. Come check it out...

MSRfanfic Archive

Feedback? Questions? Suggestions? Beta Reading?

I'm always looking for comments and suggestions on my stories, and I'm always
looking for someone who would like help me with proofreading, editing, and to share ideas. 
Please e-mail me at:
eblair@sonic.net.  Thanks!


MAILING LIST: If you love my stories, I have a list called "ErinMBlairXFFanfic" - it's the list where I post all of my stories completed and works in progress. To subscribe, e-mail ErinMBlairXFFanfic-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Much thanks! =)

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