Resources on the Web
Resources on the Web

Audio Bible -- listen to the King James Version of the Bible as narrated by Alexander Scourby, whose voice is known throughout the world as "the voice of the Bible."
Talking Bible -- listen to the Bible in two different versions (KJV, WEB).

Bible Study Tools -- search the Bible in various English versions, the Latin Vulgate, and the original languages; various commentaries, concordances, and dictionaries are tagged to each verse.
The Bible Gateway -- search the Bible in multiple versions and languages.

The JESUS Film -- an evangelistic documentary of the life of Jesus taken entirely from the Gospel of Luke; a short preview can be found here.
The JESUS Audio Drama -- the audio version of the JESUS film. -- a huge collection of archived real-audio messages from multiple well-known teachers.
Atlantic Coast Communications -- Christian Real Audio Resources.
Covenant of Grace Radio Messages -- lots of great audio messages from Dr. Bryan Chapell and other great speakers. There is also an archive with tons of previous messages.
The Great Forum -- a real-audio collection of great debates and lectures from great minds.
Sample Sermons from Redeemer Presbyterian Church -- Pastor Tim Keller is referred to by many as a modern day Martin Luther.
Question and Answer Sessions at Redeemer Presbyterian Church -- hear Tim Keller answer a variety of challenging questions asked by his congregation.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library -- writings from church history.
Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet -- a wealth of information on today's cults, including an impressive Listening Library.
The Cyber Hymnal -- hymns from church history.
Classical MIDI Archives -- classical music throughout the centuries; try out Handel's Messiah.

Christianity 101 -- a collection of my writings on various issues.
RUF small group Bible studies -- Bible studies I have written and taught in RUF small group.
Where Does the Bible Teach That? -- one of my projects in progress.
Book Quotes -- a collection of quotes from books I have read.