About Optimistic Fool

About Me

Here is a picture of me with my nephew. (I'm the one on the left.) ;-)

General things about me

What can I say about myself? For those superficial enough to care, I'm 6'1" with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm the second born of four boys and a girl. For those wanting a deeper look at me, put all of the following together and you'll get a pretty good idea of just who I am.

Things I like

Chinese food, Japanese food, Italian food, and fast food.
Light rock, classical, Christmas, religious, country, jazz, and (a little) alternative music.
My computer.
Talking with friends.
Working out.

Things I do not like

Bad grammar.
Body piercings.
Hard rock, heavy metal, rap, and PC speaker music.
Mandarin oranges.
Mexican food.
Pumpkin pie.

Things that make me laugh

Bill Cosby.
Dave Barry.
Jeff Foxworthy.
Mr. Bean.
Mr. Bojangles (by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band).
Mr. Magoo.
My cats.
My friends.
Seeing Richard Simmons in a suit.
Stories written during childhood.
The Beatles 'Live at the BBC', disc 2, track 1 ("..oh, I like grapes!").
The Simpsons.
They Might Be Giants songs (please pass the milk, please).
Weird Al songs.

Things that make me (nearly) cry

Billy Dean, self-titled album, track 7 (You Don't Count the Cost).
Blessid Union of Souls, 'Home', track 5, (Nora).
Bob Carlisle, 'Butterfly Kisses (Shades Of Grace)', track 1 (Butterfly Kisses).
Kenneth Cope, 'Greater Than Us All', track 4 (His Hands).
Michael McLean, 'The Forgotten Carols', track 7 (Joseph (I Was Not His Father, He Was Mine)).
The Gold Box (no, I'm not a parent).


Animal: Cat
Basketball team: Utah Jazz
Cheese: Colby Jack
Color: Orange
Comic Strip: Tumbleweeds
Element: Water
Fast food restaurant: Wendy's
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla (No, not Rocky Road =] )
Number: 11
Painter: Bob Ross
Pickles: Bread and Butter
Quote: "What a great thing is a little humor." - Gordon B. Hinckley
Restaurant: Fuddrucker's
Season: Spring
Sport: Volleyball