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August 02, 2005

Like thousands of other Dodge and Chrysler

My Transmission is
defective and prone to self-destruct!

The Dodge caravan is not reliable! I paid for safe dependable transportation, but I got unreliable junk instead. This vehicle is not safe or dependable. This is normal for my van and many others like it. The transmission fails repeatedly because of shoddy workmanship and second rate parts. This transmission is the same transmission used in the Town and Country, Caravan, and Voyager. It's currently called 41TE, formerly the A604 ultramatic.
Fix it? No, you can't really fix it! It will self destruct again in a very short time. From my personal experience, I haven't found reliability to be a Chrysler trait. I have had three Chryslers in the past eight years and had major drivetrain problems with every one of them. My 1996 Grand Caravan has transmission problems just like the 1987 models did. New Chrysler vehicles still use this transmission. It has a tendency to self destruct without warning. One minute you're driving down the road and the next minute your engine is racing free as though the transmission were in neutral.
This van left my wife and Children stranded by the roadside so many times that my wife refused to drive it anymore. She had to sit and look at FORD on the rear of the tow truck so many times that she insisted on a Ford truck. She just concluded that Ford trucks are very reliable because they are always pulling broken down Chryslers into repair shops.
She only managed to put a total of 80,000 miles on the Caravan before it was ready for the junk heap. It has many reoccurring problems that are annoying and aggrivating. The power door locks don't work right, and the burglar alarm intermittantly goes off when the door is opened from the inside of the van. The wipers don't function properly either, but the major problem is the transmission. I've heard all of these complaints from other Chrysler minivan owners. I don't recommend buying a Chrysler product! I also don't like my wife and children stranded by the roadside either!
The final blow comes when you try to trade it! You can never get what you owe for the van when you trade it. Chryslers have low trade in value, and Chrysler dealers offer less for their own products than any other dealer. I guess they know what their products are worth.

  • FROM INFORMATION I FOUND AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET, Chrysler has known about problems with this transmission as far back as 1989. They had numerous failures prior to 1990. They chose not spend money redesigning or replacing this transmission, instead they changed the name of it and kept putting it into vehicles that our wives and children depend on. IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE A FAMILY VEHICLE!

  • CAR COMPLAINTS WEB SITE! Read the latest complaints for all makes and models. Do your research before buying or just share your problems with others. This is a good site and offers information about all makes and models. It also allows anyone to post a problem or complaint. A valuable tool!

  • THE 41TE TRANSMISSION IS A TESTAMENT TO CHRYSLERS CARING. If I made a product that is family oriented, and I put a known defective component in that product for years and years after learning the component is defective, am I concerned about the families who buy my product?

  • PAST HISTORY IS AN INDICATOR OF CHRYSLERS CONCERN FOR SAFETY AS SHOWN ON THE DAIMLER CHRYSLER VEHICLE PROBLEM SITE. Chrysler still has serious safety issues as outlined on this site. Steering failures and seatbelt failures are discussed. On top of that, newer vans like mine have problems with gas tank and fuel leaks. My gas tank was replaced last year and is leaking again. Chrysler vehicles are prone to have fluid leaks and they are a potential fire hazard!

  • CHRYSLER PRODUCTS PROBLEM PAGE. Daimler-Chrysler products present a miriad of problems for their owners. These vehicles are bought back by Daimler-Chrysler and sold to unsuspecting buyers. Chrysler unloaded over a hundred buy back lemons on unsuspecting buyers in California until they were banned from it! Where is Chrysler dumping those factory program cars now?