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Welcome Friends

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Welcome Friends!

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Hey! Hozzit going? I thought I had my house working... but I was told it wasn't.. that sucks! Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking around our house. A lot of effort went in to making in it. If you have comments or suggestions email me! Please don't mouse nap or take any of my things. You can get your own at Vikimouse. That is were I got most of the graphics. Take a look round our yard if you like :)).

Taylor's Room

Jonny's Room

Jewel's Room

Cheree's Room

The Den

The Kitchen

If you'd like 2 be friends with any of my mice email me! !

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This is our garden. We planted a bunch of flowers a while ago and they have just started to reward us with their beauty. These were from A Touch Of Country.

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Well thats it :)

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