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chrissy Elmo's homepage is about Mariah Carey.Mariah is now 27 years old.She was born on March 27,1970 in Long Island,New York. Her background is Irish,African-American,and Venezualan. Mariah's parents are Alfred and Patricia Carey. She has one brother name Morgan and one sister name Allison. Mariah's hobbies are horesback ridding,amusement park(roller coster),swimming,and running.Mariah got married at the age of twenty three to a guy name Tommy Mottla on June 5,1993,then seperated on May 30,1997. Mariah Carey's career came from her determination, her voice, and a series of circumstances that made the most of those two features. Carey always knew that she would be a singing star. She might be the last to admit that her stardom was not inevitable. Mariah has a seven-octane range. Her vocal styles are mostly from gospel and rhythm & blues. In high school Mariah Carey sang and talked about her future singing stardom so much that she earned the nickname "Mirage". By the time she graduated she had writing partners and places to rehearse. She was expecting to record any day. While working on becoming a famous singer, MC was waiting tables. Then she met Brenda K Starr at the age of 18. Mariah says that her stardom began when she met Brenda K Starr. Through her she met writers, producers, and other people who were in the music business. Some of these people were also willing to sign her on. Not too long after that Carey's first album came out. Titled "Mariah Carey". Then came "Emotions", she started touring, her MTV's "Unplugged" album came out, "Music Box", "Merry Christmas", "Daydream", and "Butterfly". "Honey was debuted the first single from Butterfly, debuted on "Billboard's" Hot 100 at No.1 giving Carey the most chart toppers of any solo female artist in the rock era. According to "Billboard's" Hot 100, only 6 singles have debuted at No.1 and Mariah Carey owns half of them. These are just several awards that she won. The 38th Annual Grammy Award Nominee in 6 awards: album of the year-Daydream, best pop album-Daydream, record of the year-One Sweet Day, best pop collaboration with vocals with Boys II Men-One Sweet Day, best female R&B vocal performance-Always Be My Baby, and best female pop vocal performance-Fantasy. This is Elmo's page on Mariah Carey. Hope you enjoyed! Here are some other links to Mariah Carey!