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Well, this is kinda weird, but i am updating this from my college computer center. I am now a BOILERMAKER. I am going to Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. I don't know how much theatre i am going to be able to do here, but hey, I will do as much as I can. I am hoping to have a radio show on my Dorm's radio station, WCCR Cary Quad, 90.1. but I don't know if I will be able to. If anyone wants to E-mail me, you can either do it at home or at school, I should check either one, what the hell send it to both.

I just finished my directing Debut with a play called "Voices 2000" I directed it for my school's "Evening of Theatre", a night where different types of theatre are shown. Most of the shows were about 20 minutes long. It wasn't too long, but it still took a lot of work to get done, because I had a cast of 13 and at most, 3 were in a scene together at any time. So, I had to have different nights for each group and it took a lot of work from me. It also took alot of work from my stage manager.
This is her

Well, if you have been here before, then you know that I was planning on doing the play Harvey. Well, it went thru, I directed the show, and I had a great cast and crew working on it.
My stage manager was Heather Fruhner, and she did a great job at it. The cast was entirely made up of Seniors from the two High Schools in Columbus, North and East. These people were great. They worked so hard to get the job done, and finally on May 31 and June 1, we put on the show. It was great, we had standing room only on Saturday night, and sunday, the crowd was almost 3/4 capacity. We got enough donations to send more than 10 students to a drama camp put on by our foundation for youth. I was very pleased.
I will scan some pictures when I go home next, but untill then you will have to just put up with my verbal discriptions, or you can see a coupe of the actors on Brian Hackman's page, here.
Updated 8-27-98

I have been in the theatre for four years now. I started out Freshman Year in highschool. I have had leading roles(minor roles, but hey, they were leading roles) in Bus Stop, Noises Off, Anything Goes, and Two Gentlemen Of Verona, and three different Evenings of Theatre. Here are pages describing what the storyline is, and what part I played. Also are some pictures of those shows.
A Christmas Carol
Hello Dolly!
Noises Off
Anything Goes
Two Gentlemen of Verona
Evening of Theatre '98

Top Ten Things Heard in the Booth
Marigolds, a short story that I've changed into a short play.
Theatre Jokes
My other page, mostly jokes and other funny stuff.
A great Annie page!
Shakespeare plays listing!!
Hamlet by Skakespeare
Two Gentlemen Of Verona, by Shakespeare.

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I have started something(scary I know!, but I have started a forum, where anyone can ask questions, and anyone can answer those questions. You can Add comments here! or you can View the questions and answers!

Feel free to E-mail me with any suggestions at: jkschersch@hotmail.com

This is my favorite show pic of me.

It is from Noises Off.

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