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From: Gordon Harry
This is a long overdue 'Thank You' and tribute to all of the teachers at Saints.
They were all great. This list includes but is not limited to Fathers Scannell, Earle, Charlie Byrne, Finney, 'Jiggs,' Rodrigues, Hopkinson, Bose, Mr.Marques,
Mr.'Make noise quietly' Bacchus, 'Spider' Martin
and all the others whose names I can't remember.
Most of all, Thanks for the Love.

From: Stephen Wahab
... for the quiet and humility we were taught by the likes of
Mr. Derrel, Fr. Rigby, Fr. Darke,
and all the others from '74 to '79...we are in your debt,always...
peace be with you wherever you are.

From: John Choy
Now that I am a retired teacher, I truly realize how Saints was gifted with some very patient and kind educators. I received many "ferules" from Scannel but he counsels you everytime as you "bear the strain." He was responsible for choosing me for the Jesuit Scholarship in '57, which obviously determined my life vocation. Feeny was the greatest as I loved Science, and he encouraged you with his written and spoken "soft" comments. He also married Pat & I, and he was there to "guide" me during the "learning years" when I first started teaching Science at Saints in 1960. And speaking of "soft" counselling: Earle made you feel so unthreatened. He helped me with his "personal notes" when I took Biology "on my own" and retook Latin setbooks. He was a gem. Speaking of threatened, I immediately think of Gill. I was so afraid of him. I hid behind other classmates when it was question time, yet he always "found me" and gave a detention when I couldn't answer his question in ! French. Yet I still remember a few French words & phrases after so many years. Funny that I used his techniques when I taught -- it keeps students "on their toes!" In closing, I thank all my teachers of '51 (?) to '57, for the ground work they did, which obviously encouraged me to become a teacher, and to those of '60 to '66, who helped me during those turbulent years under Scannell. Would love to hear from you all. Love and God Bless.

From: Jeanette La Fleur (Semple)
This is a special tribute to Fr. Rigby who was our Form teacher in 1978 (1A) and also our French teacher. I will always remember him as a very warm person who introduced us to the French Language. He was a brilliant teacher who has influenced my decision to study French all through my academic years until University. Now, I'm a proud teacher of French and pray that I can be such a positive influence on my students. I also remember that he always prayed with us saying "Au nom du père et du fils etc" In the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost Amen. May God Bless You!

From: Shevonne Semple
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated staff members that made it possible for students to become the positive role models they are today. It's strange how we really don't see what these teachers were trying to instill in us until we have left the school. Fortunately i was not that unfortunate. It is sad to see though that many of our "GOOD" teachers have left...... but for the ones that have remained (e g Mrs. Meertins and Mr.Parris) thank u for still having the faith and confidence in the school and sticking through it all.... your strenght, dedication and courage and qualities i will always admire. One day i intend to look back and say with MUCH PRIDE "Yes!!!!! that's the Saints i know MY OLD SCHOOL"

From: Lionel Singh
This is to all the teachers i had the pleasure of knowing. Such as MrDolphin, Mr Paris, Mr Solomon, Ms James, Ms France, Ms Mertains(most likely I spelt that wrong), Mr Parjon, Ms Hemraj and all the rest that I can't remember at this moment. Thanks for everything.

From: Oneka
This goes out to Ms. Mertins, the best of all saints teachers. We all have a lot to thank her for . For me it is my grade one. Ms Mertins Keep on keeping on. Put your faith in the Lord and .trust that the school will make a name for it self.

From: Shazam Mohammed
Mr. Malcom Solomon - one of the best human beings i have ever met. a model teacher if there ever was one. thank you and may god be with you.

From: Vesta Carter
I would like to thank Mr Frederick Paris for taking the time to teach me the complicated subject of Spanish and also for all the off duty advice.

From: Eric Stephen Outridge
This is also a long overdue "Thank You" to my teachers of '70 - '75. You developed in your students a lasting foundation that we were able to build on. All those Saint's Boys you taught went on to become upstanding citizens of the world. I will always remember you fondly. THANK YOU

From: Ron Westmaas
To Frs Scannell, Earle, Bose and Marrion and Stanley Marques but especially perhaps to Stanley Greaves for being an inspiration and role model whose influence had a great effect when it came my own time to be a teacher. In naming these individuals I would not wish to underplay the contribution to my life of all the others whose misfortune it was to have me as a pupil in the 50s.

From: Lisa Carter
Ms Mertins......The best English Literature teacher and person ever!

From: Shaun Hansraj
Thank you Mrs. Meertains

From: Zaheer
Mr. J. Dolphin, M. Dookie, J. Khan, Mr. Franklin, Glassgow, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Moses& the rest of the Saints Crew...The Best There Was.

From: Tesfa Rodway
Huge thank you to Mr John. Your faith in me gave me loads of confidence which has enabled me to excell in all areas. Thank you to Father Malcolm Rodrigues ( who was not a teacher in my time at Saints) who shared his love with my family. Thank you to all the teachers and students who played a part in my life.

From: Shenauz Subrina Sukhoo-Pertab
To Mrs. Meertins, thank yoy for being a great form mistress, English and Health Education teacher. Your lessons have made lasting impressions. Mrs. Persico your English lessons will not be forgotten either.

From: Abraham Poole
yup its me .........yeah i would just like to thank........well........everyone all staff for just directing me to the path ….. And i can boast of many things.............such as before i left i think every teacher knew that one very name"ABRAHAM POOLE" ...........oh and ………….yeah i am glad to have inspired the well remembered class/era of form 5A “the peoples class” .

From: Raul Ramdayal
hey just wanted to say the best teachers i ever had was at my high school saints big HELLOto MrDolphin, dwayne king, Mr Paris, Mr Solomon, Ms James, Ms France, Ms Mertains .

From: Colette Hinds
You were not only my teachers, but also friends, because of this, I thank you . By being sources of inspiration you helped to mold me, and your dedication has given me strength and courage to succeed. What you have done will be with me always. .

From: Nikeitha Alleyne
Thanks to all those teachers at Saints who made it possible for me to leave school with proper grades. Special thanks to Mr. Meeritins, Mr. Dolphin, Mr. Williams, Mr. Parris, Ms. France, Mr. Moses, Ms. Margaret (TD Teacher) and all the others I cannot remember at this time. Thank you all. For those who are still there keep up the good work.

From: Jeremy Faria
I really dont know where to start ....the teachers at saints were always more than just teachers...they were my friends. ms . france....damn how you were always on my case....thank you very thomas,ms. yusuf, mr. williams, mr, parris, ms stephens....i still aint read dem books ms day though, russel barrat, steven cragg,ms hinds,ms meertins,mr. dolphin, mr franklin....and the list goes on...y'all the best..not forgetin me english teecha :)...she would get fits if she read this...this language....oh what the heck ....this one to all you teechaz at saintz......I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

From: Aretha
thanks to ms. meertains, for giving me the opportunity to be on the radio when i was in 1B (1987 -1988). it was an experience i truly enjoyed.

From: Hugh Rodrigues (1967 -73)
Many thanks to Frs. Darke ,Earle , "Hoppy". Rigby and all the other fine teachers that I had the privilidge to know and learn from during my tenure at Saints. Thank you all for helping to make me the person that I am.

From: Yelena Ramautar
I would like to thank all the teachers at Saints. They have instilled in me some of life greatest lessons and for that I would like to say Thank you. Their strength and love for teaching have earned them life's greatest heroes. What I have learned from them I will always take with me for life. They are the true meaning of a good human being and a great teacher. I send all my love and thanks to them.

From: Salim October
Great Thanks to Mr Franklin who assisted me throughout

From: Chenelle HInds
To all the great teachers that have influenced my life from 88 to 92. Job well done! and keep up the great work ! to those still in the profession!

From: Aletha Wills (Conway)
Thank You to Mrs. Meertins who made the Literature books come to life! Excellent teacher ....

From: Colette Hinds
To the members and staff for their dedication to the students at St. Stanislaus. This is especially for Mr. J. Dolphin, Mr. R. Franklin and Mr. M. Solomon, I thank u very much for your inspiration and guidance. Not only were you teachers, but also friends. I appreciate your patience and the time you devoted towards helping me to become the person I am today. I thank you all .

From: Melissa Hutson
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the staff at Saints. Your daily endurance with us is greatly appreciated and now as i pursue further education, i know my building blocks came from one of the best schools in Guyana. I want to acknowledge Mrs Meertains, Mr Dolphin (best maths teacher ever) & Ms France. Thank you Saints for teaching me the value of education.

From: Ariane Mangar
Thank You to all those teachers who were there in my formative years and helped mold me into the person i am today especially Rawle Collins, Mr. Cragg, Ms. Miller, Mr. Parris, Felicia De Santos and anyone else that taught me.... THANKS!

From: Natalie Stephney
Special thanks to all the teachers of the Saint Stanislaus College!!They are all very, very special and we all know that since we spend more time at school than at home, they were like our parents, peers and teachers as well!!All the teachers are shining stars, but there were some that shone so brightly that they can never be forgotten!Ever! Thus, sincerest gratitudes to Ms. Meertins (the backbone of Saints), always willing to go the extra mile for us.Mrs Singh and Mr Singh, HMs in my time! Ms France, Ms Floy, Ms Gravesande, Ms Hinds, Mr Parris, Mr Dolphin, Mr Dookie, Mr Solomon ( who thought us Pathches and helped us out a lot for our Prom), Mr Moses, Ms Bibi, ( I may be forgetting somebody, sorry!!)Thank you all very much for all that you have done!! Oh yes, Mr Jinx!!!!!!

From: Alaric Lachmansingh
I know I must have gicven all of the teachers hell during my stay at Saints, and I really do appologise. Well, thanks to the patience and disciplinary actions exhibited by them all I was eventually able to find a good path to travel on. Thanks again!!

From: Fernando Sattaur
As much as i did not finish high school at saints, and my time there was only three years,my father being a student there back in the day combined with my few years does make me have much to say.However a special tribute goes to my sister who at 15 years old started teaching myself and a bunch of great friends spanish, english and music.Now i must say special thank you's to the lady who must have established herself as a great woman as she has been mentioned in every tribute i've read, Ms Mertins.My beatings were guaranteed to be with the end of the ferilla close to her hand so ,no pain.Mrs France, Geo teacher and mom of my two friends, Quincey and Kenneth.Thanks to you too for being like a mom who won't punish her kid when John and myself called the female prefects names.Mr Paris great maths teacher,Ms Miller,Mr. Solomon,Ms Hinds,don't remember my home ec teacher's name but thanks to you.Oh, Mr Dundus, great man he was, One of the best of my teachers, thank you.I! don't remember my art teachers name s i had two or three, i still suck at drawing but that's me big thanks to you anyway.At this point thank you to all the teachers whose names i do not remember I LOVE YOU ALL and should any of my friends or aquaintances who wish to be in contact with me feel free to email me at

From: Satyanand Bhagrattee
Special thank you to all the teachers who helped shape the lives of so many young students between 1976 - 1983. Our English teacher Ms Stevens who taught us the importance of reading and writing properly. Fr. Ribgy for the mentorship he provided to us all. Many lives and futures have been changed for the best because of our teachers at Saints !!

From: Satyawan Mohan
To the care givers of my Form Master and French Teacher Father Rigby.

From: Yonette Lewis
Many thanks to all those teachers who'd put up with me. There are some I got along with better than some (It wasn't me. They just didn't like my head!!!) Just kidding. However, I did benefit from each one of you in a positive way (older and wiser, eh!). To all my teachers, hats off to you. Special thanks to Ms Moses, Mrs Mendonca, Mrs Sargeant, Ms Meertins, Mr John and last but not least, Mrs Yearwood. I did not pay much attention in your French classes. As a matter of fact, I hated the language. Now, I am fully bilingual(moved to Montreal, Canada). Again, thanks to everyone of you for your guidance and direction in making me who I am today.

From: JOMO "D"

From: Nordis Brijmohan
This is a special Thank You to all the teachers I encountered between 1991 and 1996; special thanks to Mr. Dolphin and also Ms. Miller whose literature classes I thoroughly enjoyed. Your guidance helped me gain confidence in myself. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

From: Natasha Beran
Thanks for everything. being a strong and successful buisnesswoman in todays society made me realize that i have to be grateful for the education and understanding that you've given me even though i didn't appreciate it at the time

From: Fiaz Hoosein
Much love to everyone who reads this and knows me. My heart was always with saints although i left in my 4th year , but you can never forget the things you learnt from Mr. PARRIS- may god shower his blessings on him-a remarkable man in education ,Godfather in the making - Mr. Solomon - taught us bout the hard knocks of life, Mr. Dookie, mr. Jinx (i forgot your real name buddy, my bad) , Mrs. Meertins- the illest, one of the prettiest teachers in saints Mrs. Bibi, Mr. Dolphin- papi choolo, Mr. Dundas and the all time coolest Dwayne King(enjoying the boombox?) But life in another country thought us alot also about committed teachers, but thats another story.Anyone wants to gimme a shoutout you can at

From: Sharon Hyland (Shortt)
To Ms. Meertins. You are the greatest English Literature teacher. I never thought I would enjoy "Merchant of Venice". Its one of the greatest books I read. God bless you, there is a crown in heaven just for you. Ephesians 4:11 "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and TEACHERS"

From: Tracey Leacock
I would like to thank all the teachers so far......because i'm still only in 2nd form.I would like to thank Ms. Singh for all the had work she has done for us in Spanish. I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Meertins........u're the best teacher i hav ever known so far. Well this is all the tribute i have to give so far........for I am only in 2nd form..thank u very much teachers

From: Claude Singh
I would like to thank Mr Bhulai for hid kindness and his dedication as a teacher. I will always remember that "life does not end with your GCE results".God always writes a new chapter in your life.

From: Warren Figueira
I would like to pay tribute to Mrs Tessa Persico, Mrs Sargeant, Mrs Eileen Stevens, Mrs. Lurine Meertins, Mr. Randolph John, Mr. Neville Alert, Mr. Paul Williams, Mrs. Yarris, Mrs Mendonca, Mrs. Moses, Mr. Kooblall, Mr. Neville Alert and to all the other teachers whom I did not remember to mention, you all made those years at Saints some of the best years of my life. Thanks

From: Gangadin Nirmal
I would like to pay tribute to all of my mentors of this great institution. Everytime I remember the days I spent at Saints, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I would like to thank all of my teachers who have taught us well in both Academics and most of all gave us valuable lessons in life. To all those who contributed to my years at Saints, here's to you, Ms Meertins, Ms France, Ms Stevens, Ms Gravesande, Ms Kishna, Mr Raghunandan (Rags), Ms Persico, Ms Seargent, Paul Harewood(cool guy), Mr Parris, Mr John, Mr SK Singh, Ms Harewood I am fuly billingual now, Ms Moses, Ms Jeffery for those soothing notes. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all that you have given to us and for that which you still continue to do.



From: Jarry Taylor
This tribute is for Mr. Subryan (I'm not sure if I'm spelling his name correctly or not). He was my teacher when I attended St. Stanislaus from 1968-1970. As I recall, he was very young, in his 20's at the time. He made a big impression on me, particularly as a visiting American. He was and remains one of my favorite teachers. He was fun, fair, and stern when he needed to be. I learned a lot from him. I wonder where he is now.

From: Calvin Hamer
Thanks to Ms lurene Martins for teaching such great disciple

From: Stacey Dos Santos
Thank you all.I would just like to say you helped mold the person I am today and hope I make you all proud. At saints I learnt about friendship, hardwork, failure, success and the importance of a good strong character.For all who know me plz free to email me at, love Always Stacey

From: Kelly Toppin
Who can fail to recognize the sterling contributions made by Sir Rudolph Deoraj who indefatigably carries the Sixth Form Mathematics on his strong shoulders. Without such a dedicated and selfless person who qualifies for the title "Teacher" none of the math graduates at A-Levels would walk out of Saints proud to have achieved. May he be at Saints as long as God permits. I am forever indebted to his tuition, guidance, encouragement and care for the young people like us. He gives us that filip to develop ourselves and so play our part towards the development of man as a species. Say mathematics and you call the name of Sir Deoraj. Thank you Sir.

From: Horace Walcott
My gratitude to Fr. Khan. He recruited me from Central High School to pursue A-level studies in the Physical sciences and Mathematics at Saints. Dr. Narish Singh and Fr. Robrigues were excellent mentors in science. A great thank you to Fr. Lynch, the master of teaching mathematics and abstract thinking. Mr. Braithwaithe, who inspired me to maintain my focus on a veterinary career. I am also grateful to Mr. Darrel. He recommended me for the Guyana Scholarship for the study of veterinary medicine. I also thank all other teachers and support staff at Saints who maintained a spirit of independent scholsrship and harmony in the school community during the 70's. The traditions and spirit of Saints lives in my heart. I still remember the mini-courses in experimental chemistry at U.G. conducted by Dr. George Walcott. THANKS A MILLION SAINTS!

I must extend long overdue gratitudes to Dr. Narish Singh and Fr. Rodriguez, my chemistry and physics teachers, respectively. They were also science mentors. It was Mr. Darrel who recommended me for the Guyana Scholarship to pursue studies in veterinary medicine. Mr. Housien, the laboratory support specialist inspired me to have faith in my intellectual abilities. Fr. Rigby and Mr. Braithwaithe provided moral support for my quest to become a veterinarian. The laboratory studies at the University of Guyana, sponsored by Dr. George Walcott inspired me to become a toxicologist. The spirit and culture of Saints continue to inspire me, as a veterinarian and scientist.

From: Harish Lalwani
I would like to say Thank you to all the teachers who taught me. I would like to give special thanks to Mr Malcom Solomon and Mrs Meertins

From: Dion Adams
Sir John, Im still in the engineering field. I'm current a Gas Turbine Tech. in the US Navy and working on a B.S Degree in Engineering Technology. Thank you for your advice and guidance. May GOD bless you richly.

From: Stacey Dos Santos
"A teacher affects eternity , they never know where their influence stops", dedicated to all the teaches of saints past , present and future. U touch more than hearts you touch lifes. Thank you.

From: Deon Griffith-Castello
I can't express in words what all of the teachers at "Saints" meant to me .But it is a funny thing to realise (when you are much older -Of Course) that our teachers always have our best interest at heart,.without these teachers and the rest that I can't remember.THANK YOU FOR HAVING PATIENCE WITH ME IN SCHOOL.An extra "thank you" to Mrs. Meertins ,Who always looks beyond her students outer appearance to find the real them.(You deserve to be a literature teacher!!!) ,Mr. Parris, Mrs.Jacobs(it is ironic that I now regret the difficult times I put you through, when the kids I teach don't seem to understand that I telling them to study for their own good.And yes I met one that behaves similiar to the way I behave at school. AND to the greatest one of all MR. DOLPHIN you were the best. Mr. Moses Don't get jealous . Thank you all for help moulding me into the successful young woman I've become.