So What About That, Sam ?

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Hello everyone, I am Sam.

My whole name is "So What About That, Sam?" but everyone calls me Sam. Everyone except Becky that is, she calls me "What About That" but more about her later.

I am a Jersey Wooly doe. I am told my coloring is smoke pearl marten. I was born Dec 9, 1996 and weigh 5 pounds. My mom says I am a house-rabbit as she lets me live in the house. Hah! The house is actually mine and I allow my humans to live here with me. I live in Connecticut with my mom (Gretchen), her daughter Becky and Becky's grandparents. I came to live here on January 21, 1997. I was Becky's 16th birthday present (instead of a car). Soon, however, she was off doing teenaged things and I bonded with mom. Maybe that's what mom intended all along! You will meet my non-human friends in a few minutes.

I spend the day in my cage sleeping, and come out to socialize in the evenings. I do not play much, although mom gives me lots of toys. My favorites are a set of plastic baby keys and a large bell that I ring if mom oversleeps or is too slow with my morning treats. Speaking of treats, my favorites are yogurt drops, papaya tablets, banana, maple leaves and twigs, dandelion greens, banana, shredded wheat, celery leaves, banana, watermelon, strawberries and banana. I also like going for rides in the car and meeting new people. OK I admit it, I am a spoiled bunny.

Well now, on to the pictures.

bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Baby Pictures bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) The Girls
bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Playtime With Becky bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Christmas with Kelsey
bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Easter bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Superbunny and Halloween
bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Bathing Beauty bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) I Go Bananas!    New!
bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) My New House    New! bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) More About Kelsey    New!
  bunbutt.gif (163 bytes) Another Easter

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