Kids Who Care/Jeunes Altruistes

"Unity in solidarity, serving those in need./UnitÚ en solidaritÚ, au service de ceux dans le besoin."

--KWC/JA Vision Statement


"Kids Who Care/ Jeunes altru´stes is now evolving to become "Volunteers in Action/Jeunes altru´stes" to reflect our teenager leadership now coming from the secondary level, based at Markham District High School. Mmebers at the elementary level who continue to be involved are "Kids Who Care" but the new identifying name for the secondary school level is "Volunteers in Action". We offer a number of fun opportunities for students to accumulate their volunteer hours through half a dozen projects during the year. At the same time, we nurture student leadership development while maintaining a focus on the community ties and charitable good works. Our vision and a plan for the future is to be caring role models of youths spreading peace around our planet. We attract youths sharing similar views and concerns together, uniting in common goal : To give back to the community. Our organization, now in its sixth year of existence, provides infinite opportunities for volunteering and developing leadership characteristics amongst all of our members. We host various activities intended to help raise public awareness on important issues and to assist various charitable organizations. I feel that Kids Who Care/ Jeunes altru´stes enables youth to attain in practical ways volunteer credits and important personal development in a fun, supportive environment. If interested in joining our organization, e-mail us at "

Taylor Lougheed, Co-President, KWC/JA

Our Kids Who Care/ Jeunes altru´stes student-led organization offers a doorway for youths to display and practice leadership in meaningful ways within the school and local community. Our organization affords students an ideal opportunity to give back to the community as much as we have taken from it. We offer numerous networking opportunities such as interfacing with businesses while enhancing leadership and public speaking skills in both of Canadaĺs official languages. Our first meeting is at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 7 in room 6 . Those members who earn the minimum requirement of community service hours by the end of October, 2001 during our first project, will be eligible for Toastmasters Youth Leadership Training and certification offered right here at Markham District High School. We focus on issues of utmost importance to our community and global society and provide meaningful links to other organizations. Last but not least, we provide enjoyable experiences for students seeking to gain essential volunteer hours towards their forty hours of required community service at the secondary school level.

Alex Shum, Co-President, KWC/JA 2001-2002

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Mission Statement

Kids Who Care is a student-led community service organization founded in 1996 by a small group of dedicated students. We now have over 60 local members in Ontario as well as chapters in other provinces and countries. Members share the following objectives:

1. To learn about our rights and responsibilities both as national and global citizens.
2. To actively participate in goodwill initiatives as caring, responsible members of society.
3. To build bridges of understanding through meaningful partnerships.
4. To become positive leaders through collective, collaborative efforts.
5. To contribute to our local communities through community service.
6. To promote community service as being desirable and valuable.
7. To be an inspiration to others, as living role models of citizenship.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, dedicated, and committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

Where can you find our international headquarters, the brainchild behind this student-led movement?

Kids Who Care/Jeunes Altru´stes International Headquarters is currently located at Markham District High School in the town of Markham. Our school is one of many in The York Region District School Board in Ontario, Canada. Discover what our hometown town is doing to celebrate the new millennium.

As an international organization, where are we headed?

We declared our intent at a meeting in April, 1999 to eventually become quadrilingual. Increasingly bilingual, by December, 2001 we are working to develop a balanced bilingual English and French site as these are the official languages of Canada, our student-led organization's home base. Then we will expand to include Spanish in respect of our southern neighbours and Dutch in respect of our European members. Given that many of our members speak Cantonese and Mandarin, we hope to involve volunteers who are fluent in the language as well as literate in Web site development. We need student volunteers who can build links for us to help us reach out in the Chinese language. We dream that the web of our Dream catcher will expand around the world via the World Wide Web to include other youths working together with respect for the greater good. We hope to have members on every continent by November 11, 2000. We envision a million members worldwide in the new millennium. Please join us. Tell us what you are doing to make a positive difference in your community or somewhere else in the world. Help birth the fifth world of harmony and peace of which the First Nations prophecies speak. Let us work together as brothers and sisters living in harmony with one another on Mother Earth. Through community outreach and environmental initiatives, help us honour and respect the sacredness Life and of the life-giving forces which sustain us like the land, the air and the water. Every caring act, no matter how small, makes a difference. You and I do make a difference!

A message from Yvonne Dufault, "Guide on the Side"

"Before you wonder 'Am I doing things right?', ask 'Am I doing the right things?'" --Stephen R. Covey

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