Guitarist and Lead Singer: Sean Daly

Live Sounds for a new era...
MUZEUM  offers a fresh optmistic freestyle live
Cosmic Pop Rock sound.

MUZEUM performs original songs which are colorful and  full of creative improvisations and imposed experimental music. 

The songs are modern and crafted with universally appealing subjects.

Special guest singers and artists of all talents share the music.

MUZEUM invites artists to contribute to the spirit of the sound vision.

Ohms Sean Dom


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Creator and Producer
The Acoustic project is a journey through earthly time and space.  With the earth sounds of the wood and the crisp clean shine of steel strings, ACOUSTIC MUZEUM offers a unique musical set featuring superb London talent.
Sean Daly

Acoustic Muzeum

Sean Daly: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Special FX
Bill Harbottle: Keyboards
Matt & Steve Laws: Double Bass
Raymond Martin: Guitar
"Ohms": Percussion
Vocals: Niki Rachel and Aina
Sean and Lulu
Sean has been playing a while...