I was born on 1974 in Singapore.Currently still not on hormones.Well
eversince I was a small boy, I had the tendency of admiring girls because
can had the luxuries to put on make up, dress pretty and have a beautiful
figure. It was at the age of 13, I realised that I would look rather
feminine in women`s attire due to my small built body and height and my
facial features. ( 1.6m and 52 kgs now ) So that was the first time took my
cousin skirts, wig and lingerie and start dressing up. When I look into the
mirror, I totally love the first impression of Linda.

My urge of becoming a girl become stronger as years past.I drag more often
and even start my own collection of clothes, shoes and cosmetics. And even
grow long hair and trim my eye brow. Until 2 years ago I started to go to
drag-places where I can meet more sisters and guys. Well there are not as
much TGs outside in my country and Its much more difficult to face the
society over here because oriental people aren`t that open minded. But I
still think that its worth to have more tg
friends because most sisters really treats me well and support me.

Besides being beautiful,  Things that i like are listening to listening pop
to rock music (English),shopping for beautiful clothings, surfing the web.

Person that I like

fravourite actress   :  Michelle Yeoh
fravourite singer     :  Sheryl Crow, Faye Wong
fravourite T model  :  Shana

Fravourite sites:

shemale nation
transexual world
shemale Yum

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