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Hi! welkum 2 my personal webpage. This page iz dedikated 2 me and BrYanAdams cuz we are my favourite people. It's also got sum other kool stuff and thingz bout my family and all so they can see this page and weep when i die and wish they treated me better and let me phone my friendz more often. Chekout my page and have fun!
MyMy favouritest person...BrYaN aDaMs!!!
He holdz da record 4 da longest running #1 single in British muzik history with his hit "Everything I do" (which happenz 2 b my favourite song) & has topped da chartz in USA 4 times with his singles 'Heaven','Everything I Do','All for love' and 'Have you Ever Reaaly Loved A Woman?'.
He has been awarded the Order Of Canada fro da country he wuz born in,.
More recently his focus has been on supporting breast cancer treatment & he raised over a million dollars in 1998 in a benifit concert in Canada which he donated 2 da St.Catherine general hospital
BrYan aDaMs has won numerous awardz including a Grammy, an American Muzik Award,countless industry & songwriting awardz and 3 academy award nominationz 4 his muzik & lyrix in film soundtrax.
BaDmAn videos link
Check out da oficial bryan adamz webpage at
I'm sixteen,study in vasant valley skool,Delhi, and have a family dat makes the Addams family look normal. Check out my brother's pic...u'll know wot i mean.My brother duzzen lemme surf da net, my mom thinx i'm alwayz on da phone, my dad wantz me 2 get 100 in mathz , my own dog bites me & i don't believe in Santa Claus any more. I'm still alive cuz of my frenz & BryanAdams. I love reading and muzik & I luv my frenz.
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