Welcome to the Chamude World!
I'm Young-Hyo Park.(82-2-311-7775, 016-381-6442)

KOLON Chamude

Born: 1993
First invention in KOREA and Second in the WORLD
Colors: Thousands of
Hair: Short hair
Length: 30 m per each.
Weight: About 30 kilograms  per a roll.

What's the Chamude?

You need Java to see this applet.

Chamude is the trademark of KOLON New Artificial Leather. It has better touch and smoother feeling than real leather. And more you can use it when it is rainy, but real leather can,t.

Our feelings about Chamude!

I wonder if how will you feel when you first meet our chamude?  I guarantee that you'll satisfy with the softness of Chamude! Why don't you feel it?