Welcome to Germany.

Here's the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The Eric Clapton Concert

The concert was Great! What a blast.

Here's Charlie Redd (3rd from the left of The Full Flava Kings backup singing for Jimmie Vaughan

This is from the Book I bought at the concert. Eric has a great band. I have always loved Nathan East. Kenneth Crouch is one of the funniest men I have ever met, joke after joke, great guy. He's now the music director and keyboard player for Marc Anthony. Tim was very sweet and Nathan East was also very kind.

Here are all the girls ( Brenda, Sandy and me) with Jimmie. He is such a cool guy.

Here are a bunch of us partying at "Planet Hollywood". Then we danced til dawn at a Salsa club. Then Dave Kelly stuck up a Cabbie and forced 5 germans out, we wanted our ride NOW! The boys were amazed. They didn't realise how tuff the Irish Mofia is ....hehe (Just Joking) funny story. He had been drinking that german beer....:)

Here's our bodyguard, Dave Kelly. He's a blackbelt in Irish Karate. Watch out....you might die.....Laughing! He's a very funny guy and the talented guitarist of The Freakshow and Soulfood.

Here we are eating brats ( the longest weiners I have ever seen and the buns are 1/4 of our buns here in America) and drinking that german beer....:)

Check out the Volkswagon Party. Vip Party

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