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This site is dedicated to Fashion. I will show here my own preferences on this subject. All my conclusions shown here are the result of continuous research on this subject.

After spending many time looking for good but cheaper stuff, I've reach a conclusion. It does not worth it. Normally good items do not coexist with low prices.

On-Line Shopping

In the present days, you can buy your clothes at incredible prices thru virtual stores like designers direct, american off price etc. existing only on Internet.

If you are the type that trusts only on the well stablished stores, you still can buy in Internet from Bloomingdales, Brooks Brothers, The Shirt Store, LLBean, Gap etc.

Global Market

Global Market and high shipping & handling rates are definitely incompatible.  Shipping rates to Continental USA, normally are low or sometimes nothing at all. However when shipping to other countries like Brazil, there are shipping & handling rates that cost sometimes 3 to 4 times the price of the product being shipped.

This way, a high shipping & handling rate is an obstacle in a lot of cases for a Brazilian to import the desired item.

UPS and US Mail should study a way to lower their rates, in order USA companies can increase business with other countries.