I'm very sorry but due to lack of time I've been forced to close the page down.... Everything will remain as is until I get more free time to update it... thank-you for your patience.

Big J. (BTW, the answer to the survey, was James! ha ha ha)

Bring Your Own Bra!
January 27, 1999
Added a link to "Women in Bras" on the Other Sites page...

Scanner update: Well, without a larger hard drive I'm in a bind on scanning my own images in... I'm in search of a better computer at the moment so soon after I get one (or I clear off enough space from "unwanted" apps) I should get some scans up here.

January 14, 1999
I've added that little "contest" that I mentioned on the 6th. Look for it on the below...

I'm working on updating the "Current Selection" section and the "Featured Celebrity" part. If there is a celebrity that you would like to see up here e-mail me and I'll see what I can find.

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