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Blue Fish Clothing
Frenchtown, NJ established 1986 closed 2001

once upon a time in:



Those listed below support BFTales and deserve your support in return. They offer clothing that many BF fans would enjoy:

75 Main Street 
Cold Spring, NY
Toll Free Orders:

311 E. Rutherford St.
Landrum, SC 29356
Fax 864-457-7390
Toll Free Orders:
Open Monday - Saturday
10 am - 6 pm

2616-A Lawndale Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408
Toll Free 1-800-STAR-181
Open 10am - 6pm Monday-Saturday


All Bright Vintage Specializing In
Previously Owned Blue Fish Clothing
Lee Albright
70 Linden Avenue
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
  Phone/Fax  1-856-795-1204

ART TO WEAR ONLINE  or call toll-free
(open 24 hours)

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Brian "The Eagle"
has his own web page and is accepting custom orders and can print on your BF pieces...or other labels.

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Blue Fish Tales
(the unofficial web site celebrating Blue Fish Clothing)

Blue Fish Tales is the website for everything you ever wanted to know about Blue Fish Clothing AND other art to wear clothing lines. Even though the company is no longer, BFTales is here for art to wear fans.

Browse the pages, enjoy the stories and the art, but please understand that the webmaster bluecarp can no longer respond personally to your inquries; like Jennifer Barclay, Blue Fish's founder, she too has moved on. However, Blue Fish Tales will stay online as a historical tribute to the original company that inspired so many women (and men) to depart from cookie-cutter fashion and adopt art-to-wear clothing as a way of life.

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Blue Fish closed for good on Saturday, April 28th, 2001

Blue Fish is Dead! Long Live Blue Fish....

...and so it will, in the closets, hearts, and souls of its wearers and makers and all others touched by Blue Fish. Thanks to eBay and the world wide web, a larger audience discovered Blue Fish in the final year than have ever stumbled onto it before. Where can you still find BF? On eBay, at consignment shops in towns that had BF shops or sales....and on the message boards where swaps and consignment sales are still going strong. Enjoy your Blue Fish, and remember the spirit and driving force of Jennifer Barclay (the person who founded it and designed the line right up to the end) and the company that produced it. As Blue Fish the Company often printed in their materials, "Speak to the Earth in a language beyond words...your actions."

Though Blue Fish Clothing is no longer, the following companies offer art-to-wear clothing that appeal to fans of Blue Fish.

If you're not familiar with Events In Style, it's a traveling retail outlet store handling women's ready-to-wear artwear. By purchasing excess inventory from numerous designers, Events In Style Inc. is able to bring high-end boutique clothing lines to you at a fraction of their original retail cost. Best of all, the women behind Events In Style, Sue Kaller and Anne Haag are familiar to many BF fans since both were instrumental in the early days of BF's success as former BF people. They're sisters AND partners in Events In Style, and they're delighted when they meet BF friends at the Events In Style store located at 36 Perry Street in Lambertville, NJ., or on the road at their traveling trunk shows. 


Shop online for vintage Blue Fish at All Bright Vintage  
Click here to visit All Bright Vintage 

Forget eBay! Shop for previously owned Blue Fish online at All Bright Vintage -see exactly what you're getting, and shop with confidence.

Lee Albright of All Bright Vintage specializes in online consignment sales of Blue Fish Clothing, gently worn, from other Blue Fish fans like you who treat their Blue Fish with reverence. Lee's careful descriptions and numerous photos of each item ensure that you know exactly what you'll be getting, with no unpleasant surprises (we've all heard BF eBay horror stories). Use the link above, or the one in the left hand column, OR the handy new link at the bottom of this page to see all that Lee has to offer. Thank you to All Bright Vintage for its support of Blue Fish Tales!


Thanks to a fan-driven website you can now see line drawings, prices, colors, AND prints online of what Barclay Studio and BFrenchtown has to offer. This is the newest venture of former Blue Fish founder and creative center Jennifer Barclay. The website is a blessing for those who live far away, as there is no catalog for Barclay Studio at this point, so this is your way of finding out what there is available in terms of styles of prints, clothing designs, etc. You cannot order from this site, and the clothes featured are from private collections..but you can browse and get an idea. Thank you Bsprites for doing's a gift to all of us!

To order, you'll want to contact 

Phone: 908-996-3720 / Open Thurs-Sun  /
Phone orders welcome. All sales are final.

Featuring the designs of Jennifer Barclay / Barclay Studio.
Write to her at, and you'll be added to her email list



Visit Staley/Gretzinger for distinctive artwear clothing
Visit their website to see JG's Mad Lab, Bread, Skramble, Collections, and Staley/Gretzinger...all distinctive, unusual lines....

Staley/Gretzinger is available through boutiques and stores across the country, but if you're adventuous and don't mind looking online, visit their website and see what they're all about...then find the retailer nearest you who carries them, or place a phone order through the Staley/Gretzinger retail store. If you are ever in the neighborhood (near New York City), you are welcome, every day from Wednesday to Sunday, to visit the flagship Staley/Gretzinger store at 75 Main Street in bucolic Cold Spring, NY, or call and place an order by phone. The email address for BFTales readers is


SHOP SUZANNE'S - A Very Special Place

In memory of Suzanne...and the wonderful place she created....

All Blue Fish fans and art to wear clothing lovers were very much moved by the recent news that Suzanne had passed away last month. Those who have visited her store know what an extraordinary place she created, and anyone who ordered by phone can attest to the excellent customer service she offered her mail order shoppers. Thank you Suzanne for bringing beauty into a world that needs it now more than ever. You will be missed by many, many women.

As far as I know, the store continues to remain open and will carry on with the vision that Suzanne created.

Suzanne's at 1-888-457-4850

To see other art to wear clothing, visit


Visit Niche
where you can buy your favorite art-to-wear designers ONLINE 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Visit NicheOnline and see the wonderful selection of clothing and accessories that Colleen has to offer! CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE or on the NICHE logo at the bottom of the page! Or call her TOLL FREE at 877-447-3377 and get that specialized attention Colleen is famous for! 


Make it truly one of a kind! Select YOUR garment and YOUR printing at Hubbub Designs.
Former BF artisan Glenn Meyer
is printing amazingly beautiful original block-printed designs on Flax clothing, linen, cotton and more  View the pieces available for purchase by clicking this link to Hubbub Designs.


Danica Artwear is your place for designer artwear...
As you explore the world of art-to-wear clothing beyond Blue Fish, let Danica Artwear be your guide. They have carried almost every artwear designer at one time or another - their main website is ( make sure it's .NET)

PLUS a toll free number.... 1-800-STAR-181
Open Monday-Saturday 10-6PM and closed Sundays

Nicole from Danica told BFTales, We LOVE helping people and have been in business since 1987. Our 5,000 sq. foot gallery/clothing boutique has over 1200 sq. feet reserved for clothing alone. We treasure our repeat customers and have a 700 club for them... so if you reach $700 in sales (not including sale priced items) in any given year then you get 10% off each order until the year is up. Shipping for Danica is a flat fee of $6 to one address. We also carry shoes, jewelry and accessories. Joanne is always on the cutting edge of fashion and she goes to every show available and her style is WONDERFUL!"

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Once you're registered, your ID will go to the administrator, who will approve your membership, and you're in. 

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Extraordinary designers of art-to-wear clothing, including Staley/Gretzinger,
JG's MadLab and Bread
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All Bright Vintage  

Specializing In
Previously Owned 
Blue Fish Clothing

A traveling retail outlet store  
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What's the Hubbub? 
BF artisan Glenn Meyer's  
custom blockprinting and more...

SHOP ONLINE FOR Flax and more!
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Great Selection & Prices!
INDIVIDUALS: Carol Walker, Sheri Aziz, Ann Garczynski, Patricia Hess, Joanne Maginniss, Kathleen Whiting, Anonymous, Mari Green, Prakash Capen, Deb Gallant, Mary Cole, Sue Economides, Susan Payne, Carol Hover, Marlene Curby, Shelley Mills, Carol Ecke, Paula Meyncke, Tracy Scott, Deborah Hess, Jamie Singer, Deborah Aaron, Cathy Yuen, Christa Maher, Linda Ketcham, Pamela Espeland, Deanna Morrow, Lynne McAnelly, Kathy Turnbull, Donna Ball, Pat Millsaps, Holly King, Shana Magidovitch, Ellen Skoviera, Shirley Kunishi, Angela Fabry, Lisa Wolford, Joan Fasold, Elisabeth Duran, Shawn Cassiman, Jennie Olson, Lee Albright, Leslie Holzman, Joy Brisighella

BUSINESSES: NICHEonline/ Colleen Hoerner, SUZANNE'S/ Suzanne Palmer, EVENTS IN STYLE/ Sue Kaller & Anne Haag. HUBBUB DESIGNS/Glenn Meyer & Deborah Aaron, STALEY/GRETZINGER, DANICA ARTWEAR, ALL BRIGHT VINTAGE/Lee Albright

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