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My first Gene Doll
My first Gene Doll
given to me by my boyfriend Wyl.

Anything Goes Collectibles
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Simply Genes
From the 1999 Gene Line, The three Simply Gene Dolls. A stunning blond dressed in sunshine yellow, a dazzling brunette dressed in sky blue, and our hot redhead in hot pink.

My Top 4 Favorite Gene Dolls Of All Time

Midnight RomanceSunset CelebrationRansom in RedTango
First is the 1997 NALED Exclusive, "Midnight Romance".Then we have her 1999 birthday outfit,"Sunset Celebration" The next one is her 1998 Retailers Exclusive Costume'"Ransom in Red" , and last but not least we have from the 1997 collection,"Tango".


LOL.. Well i guess I should say I really like to have it..

My wish list is short because where I get my Gene Dolls, they have gotten me everything my heart desires. I would love to have a 1995 non-stained NRFB "Premiere", also 1997 F.A.O. "Night At Versailles" and last but not least from the 1997 convention "My Favorite Witch" Also I like them at a reasonable rate that would not cost me to go without food for a week..LOL

The Latest In My Collection
From the Doll and Bear Show in Tampa!!!

Cream De CassisCarmen and Frank got me a "Cream De Cassis". I also picked up "RainSong","The Director Chair", and "Hot Day in Hollywood" I could not believe how pushy some of the dealers were..

Be sure to check out their site! They treat their customers the bestl!!! Click here to get there!

Red Venus
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