This story was written by me twenty-four years ago. The beginning of my writing career. I hope you enjoy this story.

As I am sleeping in my warm snug cocoon I have these dreams of pleasure. It started a few months ago, as I was creeping slowly along this big green leaf. As I was munching on this one particular green leaf, I saw a vision of disbelief. I saw myself on this flower just sitting there flapping my wings, "oh how pretty I looked," all the colors I could have ever imagined.

I always heard that I would one day become a butterfly, but I really never believed it. I always wondered where all my friends went as they grew older.

As days slowly passed by, I began suddenly getting very sleepy. I could hardly keep my eyes open. So I crept slowly to my favorite resting place in the sun. Slowly...I spun myself a warm blanket to protect myself from the nights chilly breezes. Here, I fall into a very deep sleep. It feels good to be able to sleep.

Then suddenly these dreams start appearing again. These are in color as before. Days go by and I am slowly waking from these sweet dreams.

I am feeling very cramped in my cocoon. I am wondering if I have become larger than I was or this warm blanket of mine has become smaller through the change of the weather. I need to stretch to get rid of this feeling. Slowly I begin to stretch. "ah that feels so good." The more I stretch the better I feel.

Suddenly, All out of my warm blanket, I get this strange feeling that I have changed. I slowly look around me, the trees are still pretty green and the warm sun feels good beating on me. Everything seems the same. I can't understand these feelings. Suddenly a warm breeze came and I was being lifted high into the sky...just floating. I'm scared of being here in the sky. I realize that I am flying by myself...."MY GOD!" Those dreams of mine are true. Sitting on pretty a flower and just fluttering through the air...."I'M FREE!"

Now I know where my friends are!! They are like me!! I am a "BUTTERFLY!!" A beautiful, carefree butterfly! Bye, for now I'm off to see this lovely earth. BYE!.................


Written by, ®SueBee, ©1999


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