Oh, Ball of glass
so simple to some,
Show to me
the days to come.
As I run my hands
so gently over your surface,
Show to me
your entire purpose.

As I gaze
into your centers eye,
Reveal to me your
secrets of the worlds lies.
Crystal ball
so clear and true,
Show me the secrets
that you hold within you.

I ask of you
to answer my soul,
Please make my mind of wonders
complete and whole.
As you sit upon your pedastal
so secure and free,
Open your eye of the future
for me to see.

I thank you, Old Ball of Wonder,
for hearing my prayers.
And allowing me to look into my future
as I may dare.
And showing me the truth
of the days to come.
So I might do things differently
and enjoy the nights moon
and the days sun.

Written By Sher'i Visser

®SueBee ©1999




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