A friend is one of the nicest

things you can have, and one

of the best things you can be.

A friend is the one who will

always be beside you.

Through all the laughter, and

each and every tear.

A friend is the one thing you

always rely on;

The someone you can open up to.

A friend is a sancturay

A friend is a smile

A friend is a hand

that is always holding yours.

No mattter where you are.

A friend is a feeling of
forever in the heart.

Collin McCarty
To our brother Jerry,wishing him a "Happy Birthday"
from your crazy sisters
"SueBee" and "The Almighty Sorceress".
May this birthday wish
bring you lots of luck and love.
xoxoxoxoxo Set designed by "The Almighty Sorceress"



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