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Ladies And Lords Of The Lake

Hello! My name is Lady SueBee and I am a Witch! I've been interested in Wicca for many years. I beleive my foster mother was also Wiccan and I took my interest from the books that she had. I read anything I can on angels,faireies,unicorns, and all aspects of mysticism.

I am learning about graphics and animations (above is my first animation) I think it is pretty cool. I have been making web pages for about two years, I am very slow but eventually I do get a page done....hehehe! Also, I am a student of The Almighty Sorceress's,,My Mentor too! I drive her nuts with all my questions..Thank goodness we only live about 5 steps away...I get good exercise!!! ( I have lost about five pounds running back and forth) hehehhe!

I feel honored to be a member of the Ladies And Lords Of The Lake, such a prestigious group of talented and caring ladies.

Brightest Blessings,
Lady SueBee


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