Christmas Gifts For Sue

SueBee's Christmas Gifts
From Lady Almighty Sorceress

I adopted you a new coffee mug since yours keep taking a walk!

Let my buddy WorryWart take over all your worries...

Here's a collectors plate for you. It could be worth money some day. Hehehehe

Don't forget to take teddy to bed with you. He needs a bedmate too!

For the little girl in you, cuz I know you like toys!!

Something magickal for the mystical side of you!

More magickal goodies for you from Duke!

Here is an award that I put you in for. We know how much you like bees!!

Here's a Christmas doll that I adopted for you. Isn't she cute??

Some more Christmas buddies for you, from Dukie!

An antique christmas ornament for the house!

Another christmas teddy bear for you.

Another magickal overseer for you to protect and guide you!

A cute little fuzzy wuzzy for your collection.

A pretty globe adopted from the Fantasy Fights.

Another ornament for you, says duke!

A christmas tree that I adopted for you.

A gingerbread house for you so you don't get hungry.

More gifts for you from all of us.

A magic wand for you.

A beautiful angel globe.

More dolls for your collection.

More gifts for you. Anything with bees I find are grabbed....heheheehe!

This little guy is watching over your gifts while under the tree..

A beautiful Christmas plant for the table.

A beautiful Christmas tree for your room.


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