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My name is

My hometown is Hamm in Germany, Westphalia.

My interests:
Radio. I have been listening to broadcasting stations worldwide for several years as "SWL-DXer" call:
In my collection of more than 2000 qsl cards I have verifications from 285 countries from all 6 continents.
Recently I am surfing the web for more INTERNET radio stations + TV and I have fascinating experiences to be connected to any DX-station, f.e. Cambodia, Paraguay, Tahiti, Irkutsk, Antarctica and more.

I am glad to be living in Fashion Avenue and I have the dream to present in my Salon all the famous Fashion Kings their collections to you and all visitors coming along.
My favorite designers:
Thierry Mugler - Jean Paul Gaultier - Dolce & Gabbana - Karl Lagerfeld - Chantal Thomass - Vivian Westwood - and more.

I have visited Samantha - Frederick's of Hollywood - Victoria's Secret - House of Kastley -.. catalogues in the web and like shopping virtual with great fun.

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Welcome! Entertainment has always been one of my favorite subjects and I've collected a lot of stuff that I think you'll be interested in. So please take a look around and enjoy yourself. I add new material regularly to keep my site fresh, so check back often!
News and Entertainment - site for news, lifestyle, entertainment, music lovers, and games maniacs.

- Hier ist London, gleich daneben ist Posen.....Europa auf der Radioskala

Primadonna meldet!
- Primadonna meldet! Dokumentation über Luftkrieg und Luftwarndienst im 2. Weltkrieg in Westdeutschland

- Das trug die Volksgenossin drunter, im Kriegsjahr 1942

Die Geschichte der Dessous, 1900-2000

Ritas Corseteria: Die Geschichte des Korsetts mit Zugang zum Forum CORSELETTER
für alle Dessous- und Korsett-Fans, mit Forum, Gästebuch und newsletter

Listen to the radio ! My music programme 'Kure Atoll Radio KH7KRP' is on air, welcome + good listening. More stations on this web sites, try !
I like to meet new people in the Forum CINDY-LOU news, discussion and chat rooms.

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