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Please visit my  sisters Home Page, StinaLisa's Home On the Web

Her coffee pot is always on


My sister StinaLisa and I have a new website where we get together
to share our thoughts and memories of our life as sisters.
Stop by for a visit when you have time.

"Ziplo and StinaLisa's Retreat"


Good Times

Our Brothers

Just Us Two Sisters

 My              Pages


The Last Waltz

Stand By Me

I Bowed On My Knees

Nearer To God

Glory to God     

Yesterday's Memories

"Life and Happiness"

Beautiful Rose

I Believe In You

The Simple Life

The Rosebud

Just One Rose

The Rose



The Big Night

My Cup Overflows

Don't Say I Love You

Cathy's Clown



Poetry By Stormy


Dreams Do Come True  

World Of Poetry


Poems From The Heart

On A Clear Day   


It Is No Secret What God Can Do


Special Angels

Cannot Change

Guardian Angel

Jesus Loves Me

Time For Prayer

Don't Judge

A Gift Of Love

Just As I Am

Not Quite Perfect


The Mountain

One Day At A Time

Pennies From Heaven

Friend Jesus

Why Me Lord

He Touched Me

I'd Rather Have Jesus

Standing Room Only

Family Bible

You Are My Sunshine

Keep Memory Alive

One Day Late

 Goodbye Daddy

Jesus Loves Children


"Songs of Love"

Last Waltz


I Just Called To Say I Love You

Could I Have This Dance

Somewhere My Love  


Time In A Bottle

The End Of The World

Patsy Cline

Tiny Bubbles


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A Lifetime of Memories
A Lifetime of Love

Poems and stories about Family/Friends and

Index for Fun and Dance Pages

Fun songs with animation
and a stroll down memory lane

Index for Holiday and Patriotic Pages

Home for the Holidays

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It is time to stop all the tears that 
our Angels have shed because of abuse.


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