My Page!

WARNING! This is just a page where I just blabber on about me. Well you can listen to it , if you dare. *s* JK

HI! My name is Jane. I live on a farm with seven cats, two dogs, three horses, my fish, and my two hamsters, Harry and Crash.

This is me. I got ym hair cut so just imagine my hair to about, just above my shoulders.

I'm in seventh grade, and I go to Glenwood Elementary School. My teacher is Mr. Knelson. My best friends are Sarah, Lisa, Erin, Chelsea, Jen, Leah, Vanessa, Michelle, Sasha, Amanda, Erin ( a different one), Holly, Caroline, Sarah (a different one), Laurie, Nicole, Laura, David, Ryan, Heather, and Danielle. There are more, but way too many to count! Here are pictures of some of them.

This is at Sarah's Halloween Party. Yes, the two people in the coveralls ARE girls. Their supposed to be worker twins. Holly is the Bum, and Chelsea is the Hippie. Lisa couldn't come.

This is when Danielle (left) and Lisa (right) took off with my camera. GRRRRRRR!!!

These are some of my pets. This is the normal state of my bed.

Cloudy is the one on my pillow, the big, fat, fiveteen pound orange one is Gizmo, the black and white one is Batcat (na na na na na na ana na na na na na BATCAT!) And the zonked out one is OJ. NOT OJ Simpson. O.J.= Orange Juice.

This is Starlight and Brandy. The grey one is Brandy, whose mom's, and Starlight is my horse. Also you can catch a glimpse of my back field. We own two and a half acres.

Up at our cabin in the Cariboo we own ten. But only one half of an acre of all that is cleared. The rest is just trees, bears, wolves, wild cats, cougers, and many more wild animals. This summer we're going up there again for a couple weeks for my B-day. I am hoping on bringing a friend with me.

My sister, Jenny, had a baby on Dec. 10. So guess what... I'm an Aunt! She named him Connor Jeffry. Yes, that is how you spell Jeffry. Most people spell it Jeffery, or Jeffrey, or sometimes even Geffery. But not my sister. I'm getting some pictures of him soon, so stick around! Jenny is 20 right now, and guess what her birthday is... April 1st! April Fools Day! Boy, I can tell ya some of the GREAT Birthday presents she gets! (Sarcastic) One time, I can't remember, I think it was her 14th Birthday. Anyway, she was riding her horse and a couple of her friends offered to help her down. That they did, but instead of putting down on the ground, they dumped her into the horse trough! Which was just filled with freezing cold water!

I also have a brother named Chris. I don't see him all that much since he lives in New Westminister and I live in Langley. He's 21 right now, and going on to 22.

Well, thats all for now! If you would like to e-mail me, my address is See ya later!!

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