Hi, my name is Jan and welcome to my Home Page

~ I dedicate this page to my husband Scott ~

~ My Children ~ Samantha ~ Edwin ~ Aaron ~ and Lori ~

~ To my grandchildren ~

Brett ~ Chas ~ Christopher ~ Ciara ~ Heather ~ Dyllan ~ and Maddison

~ And to my great grandsons ~ Jacob, Kyle, and Tristan ~

I also wish to thank Lynne.

Without her friendship, love, and continued guidance,

this site would not have been a reality.

And a very special thanks to Howard Ober
for defining embed (grin) among other things.

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My love to the COPD Family

In loving memory of William Powell, President of COPD-Support, Inc.,
who passed away from COPD related illness on April 16, 2001.
This page reflects the love Bill gave and now returned.
Visit the memorial page of those that have passed on.

"SOB (Shortness of breath) is better than no breath at all"



"Thank you for visiting my web site."
May God bless you today!

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