Hello, and welcome to my site!

Since Yahoo so rudely deleted my Web Site a few months ago, I've had the dickins of a time trying to rebuild it. But, in all fairness to Yahoo Geocities, it had been quite some time since I had updated the site, and I just assume they monitor inactivity.

So now it's back to Square 1. I have my old pages saved on disk, but I don't think I'll put you through all that again. LOL

But creating a web site is FUN! This makes the 4th time I've redone this place! So, if practice makes perfect, this site ought to be getting pretty good! *grin*

A lot of my life has changed since I had the other web site here. I've got GRANDKIDS now! And that always changes one's perspective!


And I have another reason to be online now! I'm a teacher at WebTech University! This is what consumes a lot of my web time these days, but it's well worth it. WTU is a place where anyone can come and register for various courses in html and web design. There are LIVE instructors who review their work and answer their questions! I have several students every two week period, and it keeps me hopping! But I've met some really wonderful people there.

Instructor Badge

Instructor Badge

You're welcome to tag along to see what I've been into lately. I'll give you a little history of myself and this web site. And I'll share some important stuff I've learned on my trips around the Sun.

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