Just how was it in the days of ole?
In the Bible the great story is told.
Although today it's been twisted and turned--
souls are lost and our Father is concerned.

Our Father in heaven loves us a lot,
for He sent His Son, or have you forgot?
He is coming again so you best get ready.
Are your beliefs strong and steady?

There is more to God's word, and you must know
so you won't be fooled in the up-coming show.
A show is all that it is, so  don't be fooled,
or you will be sorry when the TRUE Christ rules.

I tell you friend you won't fly away,
for Ezekiel 13:20 paves the way.
You have been mislead by traditions of man.
You MUST find a teacher while you still can.

This message is true in every word,
and no, I wasen't told by a little bird.
I am blessed with a teacher and see the truth.
You find a good teacher by testing his fruit.

By studying God's word, I am enlightened,
for one verse Charlie's are truly frightening!
It's your eternal soul friend that is at steak.
Are you listening?  Are you awake?

This fly away doctrine can be proved--
it's nothing but lies so preachers can soothe.
Margaret MacDonald started this mess,
by finding two preachers and going to confess.

She felt it was EVIL she did say outloud,
the lies remain today just to draw a big crowd!!
how sad that it is that God's word is so twisted,
just so that church will always be visited!!

Now this up-coming show, you must be concerned
for it is written and I have learned--
SATAN comes first!!  you MUST be AWARE!!
He will preform miracles to set up his SNARE.

A trap you see, that can fool you good,
but if you are in God's word no need that it should.

NEVER forget satan is a beautiful sight,
but let me warn you he is NOT of the LIGHT!!
He will play God and deceive many.
It's just too bad that it couldn't be any.

I will go to battle and fight the fight
for my FATHER IN HEAVEN  with all of my might!!

No way I could inform you in just a few lines,
you need God's word set in your minds.
The story is beautiful from beginning to end.
Ask the Lord for a teacher and I know he will send.

For I once to was blinded by lies--
now with eyes open, I come to realize--
In the up-coming show the actor is a FAKE,
you must open your eyes and be fully AWAKE!!

Your Father loves you, never forget,
He always has, and that's a sure bet.
But be wise and listen to him,
forget traditions of man or even that hymn.

For it is written, and you must learn,
after all, aren't you even concerned?
Do you love God, and wish to meet him at the gate?
Or will you be deceived and fall for the fake?

I pray for all that are truly lost,
for my heart weighs heavy at their eternal cost.
May you find a good teacher and learn God's TRUTH,
then stand in the FIGHT to give satan the BOOT!!

The cover up

The title of the book about this grand lie is:   The incrediable cover up
Dave Macpherson

The book can be ordered through most book stores

More in depth information is at your fingertips:

simply go to the web and type in:
Dave Macpherson

Author of this poem:
"The cover up"
Elaine Thomas