Satan's cheap tricks

The Show

Are you aware of the up coming show?
Do you love our Lord, and want to know?
The show is coming and it is time.
If you have studied then you will be fine.

For those who haven't I can tell you a little.
But you need God's Word, for there is no riddle.
Now this show you see, you must be aware,
for satan is coming to set up his snare.

He is playing Jesus that rotten fake!
you must pay attention and be fully awake!
Men have taught that you will not be here,
if you have a minute then lend me your ear.

You WILL be here and wittness it all
and live to see satan FALL.
The question is, where is your heart?
Studying God's Word if you are smart.

If you are in the Word you know what to expect.
If you are of this world you know not what is next.
The show that satan performs will be recieving.
The rotten fake is so deceiving!

Performing miracles in mens sight
using his power with all of his might.
The world will receive a deadly wound,
satan will fix and men will swoon.

They have been taught they will fly away.
The deceiving lies are in churches today.
Satan has been busy to hurt our Father,
people don't care or even seem to bother.

Building satan's kingdom to fool you all,
while the elect go forth and teach his fall.
Teaching the truth the elect will be delivered.
The Holy Spirit comes through them to make satan quiver.

His reign will be short for their sake,
if you all ready know this then you are awake.
But if you have no clue as to what I am saying.
You must start studying and doing some praying.


cheap magic tricks is all that it is so DO NOT be fooled

The show
Elaine Thomas