Hi, I am Rancherswife. 
I enjoy crafting, cooking, and most of all being my kids mom.  Here are some of my favorite crafting, cooking, and freebie links. My site also includes a recipe page that now has my homemade Perogies on it.  Please sign my guestbook/message board.  I hope you all enjoy this site.
Save all those stray socks.  They make wonderful "Sock Snowmen"  Fill each clean sock with batting. Pinch off a large section for the bottom and tie matching thread around "him" and knot well. Now, either pinch off another section for long socks or pinch off a head section  for smaller socks.  Tie matching thread around and knot.  With the left over inch or two at the top roll it over that last pinch and use as a toque.  Embellish with buttons, eyes, scarf , nose, or whatever you want  to complete your snowman.
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