nside the depths of us all, there is a yearning, a calling, a truth; the power to block our eerie sense of unwillingness to listen upon the slightest mention of something unexplainable. It challenges us to find new answers, even among something we do not understand and we do notbelieve. It completes us. Within us all, there is that urge, that hope, that we will be the next to see the UFO crash, or hear the cry of the werewolf, or feel the touch of the ghost.

Within us all, there is that feeling that keeps on wanting to believe.

What follows is my look at unseen events in the definitive show of the paranormal, "The X-Files". From my first attempt at a story with"Broken" ,to my highly-acclaimed and true-to-heart "Fleeting", I have collected them for my enjoyment, and hopefully for yours. Turn now to that calling within you, the urge that completes, and find yourself Wanting to Believe.

UPDATED JULY 8, 1999 -- This site is closing. I'm sorry to the faithful fans out there, but my writing skills have turned to characters of my own, where I am free to develop them and do with them what I wish. I still have an passion for all things X-Files, but writing them has become a chore. I have found myself starting stories that I hate, or never finishing stories because of the constant changes on the series. It is still the most gripping, intense show on television to me, and I will watch it religiously until it ends, and maybe when it does, I can add my final fanfic piece to the pile. Until then, I'm retiring, basically.

This site will be up for a little while longer, but soon, I will be forced to move out and let someone else have the spot. I am busy developing webpages on Dave Matthews, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Ben Folds, all featuring reviews of anything done by the respective person. Perhaps the Parker and Stone one will move in here. Then again, perhaps not; there's already so many Geocities "South Park" sites. I'd like to purchase domain names for all three of the new sites, because I do plan on updating them regularly, but that's probably a dream. I'll find someplace to host them when they're finished. I'll probably update this site again with the addresses before moving out.

So, in closing, thanks for understanding. I appreciate all the kind comments I've received about the site, and I appreciate the letters of praise (and flame) that I get. Keep them coming; even if I don't respond personally, I thank you for your time.

The truth is forever out there, and I will forever be it's intrepid pursuer;

Josh Schirmer

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The majority of my stories deal a lot with Mulder and Scully UST. It borders on 'shipping in some cases. Just thought all you non-shippers would like to know.


In my first attempt at an X-File fanfic, I went directly to the heart of the show and tried to write a mythology-esque story. I realize now, however, that due to the constant changes being made, writing mythology episodes is next to impossible. Nevertheless, the story still works, and it being the first story I ever posted on the 'net, I am quite proud of it.

Continuing where "Broken" left off comes "Shattered". This is my opinion of how every middle act should be -- a little more downbeat and a little more upsetting. Although the writing style is a little more juvenile in comparisson to my newer writings, the final scene in this fanfic still makes me proud.

As the "Broken" trilogy draws to a close, I still look on "In Pieces" as the most intriguing part of the whole story. Sticking a lot more action in than in the two previous parts, while reading this I can still visualize Mulder pulling off all of these stunts. Sometime I'd like to go in and completely rewrite this story, keeping the elemts the same but changing the narrative, simply because in comparison to my other writings, it seems less powerful.

By far my most successful fanfic to date, "Fleeting" takes a step thirty years into the future to deal with a broken relationship between Mulder and Scully. I've received NUMEROUS letters from fans who said they cried towards the end of the story, and that makes me proud. As one fan said, "You can measure how good an author is by if he makes you cry or not, and you accomplished that".

My own little take on the famous "I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you" scene from the episode "Tooms". Written from Mulder's perspective, the whole thing came out as quite believable, and made for a quick, easy write. I enjoy toying with Mulder's eye view; it's always fun asking yourself, "Now, what would MULDER be thinking?"

In response to requests from fans, this little counterpiece to "Nobody But You" just kind of fell together. Although Mulder's UFO perspective is a lot of fun to write for, I am particularily fond of Scully's eye view. Scully makes for a difficult but fun write, just because it's a challenge to guess what's going on in her head. Like the original "Nobody But You" said, "She is so hard to read!"

The genre is tired and worn out; the magazine quiz has run it's course in X-File fanfic-dom. It's the type of thing I would have argued had no point in being in the X-Files universe. Then I tried writing one. I take back anything negative I ever said about the magazine quiz stories. You wouldn't believe how much fun they are to write! My first attempt at a humor piece, and surprisingly, it came out well.

After "The End" aired on May 22, I sat down to try to capture the emotion the episode had displayed in this, my first attempt at poetry. I toyed with everyone's perspective, but none of them seemed to fit what I was trying to say. Finally, two days after the episode had aired, I just sat down and began to type whatever came to mind. The result ended up being "The Beginning The End", thoughts from Scully during the last scene. I think this is one of my best pieces; in my opinion, anything that challenges you is something good, and this past that test with FLYING colors.
The End The Beginning


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