Looking for that special female in my life!

Greetings! My name is Mike Tammaro and I live in Middlesex County, NJ. I am 35(almost) years old. I am seeking that special woman to fulfill my life.

A little about me: I am single and never have been married.My nationality is Italian. I am 5'6, husky however handsome. I have no baggage(ie:kids). I am a big time film buff. I love almost all kinds of movies but am privy to the weird, independent type of cinema. Jazz and lounge are probally my fave type of music. I also like classic rock and classical as well. My occupation is retail management. In my spare time I like to go to movies, hang with friends and family, meet new and interesting people. I am caring,funny,silly and open-minded. I like good conversation but I also listen(unlike most men!).

The woman I am looking for is someone who is smart yet zany, independent yet looking for a possible LTR,into the same things as me yet has ideals of her own to share. Age is not a factor but a sense of humor is.If you are looking for someone who can(and will) make you laugh,likes to listen and is not your typical guy then perhaps we should talk. I do ask for a photo since you get to see my funny face.

By the way- I also have a homepage you might want to check out: http://thebobo.friendpages.com/

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