Amerika Under Bush

George W. Bush, 

a failure as a student;

a failure as a soldier;

a failure as a business man;

a failure as a politician

and most of all, 

a failure as a human being.

He is just a complete waste of LIFE.


He destroyed FEMA and New Orleans since 2001,

quite an accomplishment.


He hires his old drinking buddies to help run

the country instead of hiring qualified


He also hires convicted felons that his father

pardoned when he was president.


George W. Bush told us that Iraq had weapons of 

Mass Destruction.

Scott Ritter said Iraq had no such capabilities

for nearly a decade.

Bush Lied, Ritter told the truth.

The white house claimed Ritter was a child molester.


George W. Bush said that Saddam was in 

league with Bin Laden.

That some how, Saddam who is against

any religious fanatics was openly

courting a wild card like Bin Laden.

Bin Laden who openly criticized Saddam

and called him evil.

Once More, Bush Lied.


Then after the invasion was over Bush

landed on an aircraft carrier wearing a flight

suit and said all major military operations in

Iraq were over.

Again, Bush Lied...


"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it 

frequently enough, it will be believed" 

who said it.. adolf hitler...


The Patriot Act is the most Un-Patriotic act

ever created as law in this nation.


While we fight against insurgents in Iraq,

who are fighting to kick the invader out of their

country, freedom fighters of

other Islamic nations are joining the fight.

 Al Qaeda has free reign over the rest

of the globe. 


We have Saddam in a cell, but 

Saddam did not attack us, 

yet Bin Laden runs free and is laughing daily 

at the mighty U.S. military and government.


George Bush we have learned has 

no plan to win the  war he started. 

But God told him to do it!

Bush has spent over 450 billion dollars 

alone in Iraq.

Guess God likes US Dollars.


Almost 2,000 Americans have died in a war

for nothing more than texas oil companies.


Also, over 15,000 Americans have been wounded.

Most of them very badly.

So that is why Bush is cutting back aid to veterans.

Being a vet myself who could actually serve the full

four years, that strikes me as un-American.


Regular Gas averages $2.40 a gallon or more.


There are few manufacturing jobs to be had

in America.


All are trade is one way, selling to us since,

we don't export that much.


Our personal freedoms are disappearing.

Freedom of the press is a joke.

The Supreme Court has ruled that state and

local governments can seize private property

if a land developer says he can make the land

more profitable with, oh say, a mini mart or a hotel.


And most Americans believe Bush, Cheney and

the rest of those inane drones are nothing but liars.


The 36 months prior to 911 had less terror

attacks worldwide than the 36 months that

followed it. 

And that's excluding Iraq

and Afghanistan. 


Bush has failed in every thing he set out to do.


While Karl Rove, working

under Bush leaked a CIA operatives name as well

as the name of the front company Brewster Jennings.

a front used to help track terrorist money. 


And like petulant children, if you criticize the Bush,

they call you a child molester, a terrorist supporter,

or un American.


Who can call this disaster a VICTORY!!

All while spending in excess 5 billion a month

to create our own personal horror movie

in a country that never attacked us.

The war in Iraq is a failure.

We will leave that country worse than when we

took it.

And a new dictator as bad a Saddam or worse

will be there 3 months after we leave.!!

Al Qaeda is stronger now than before.

We have never captured the number 3 man of Al Qaeda.

He has been free, even though we have captured what

now seems like 2 dozen people we have claimed to be the

number three man. 

And number one and two are still free as well.

hey Osama, have a cup of tea on W and Dick.

President George W. Bush

and his cabinet.

 American Traitors

one and all.

oh well, let's have another election robbed

by the Neocons and Diebold.

we don't deserve to be free.