I have written a few Short Stories & Poems
Love, Friendship,Fantasy,Spirit and Magic.

I hope you enjoy these as much as
I have enjoyed writing them.


As the breeze russles your hair
The ocean caresses the shores
The stars,moon and sun shine bright
Love can be yours forevermore


Thank you SharonStar for this lovely and
most beautiful background set.
I love you SIS!!!
Queen Of The Cats


Come on in and rest a spell
Read about the love of friends
About the spirit in all of us
About the love that has no end.

Let the poems help you
They can make you smile or cry
Even the dreams of a poem that comes true
Leaves you with a wonderous sigh

This I know to be true
For my Dreams of a Forever Love
Is of a man I have dreamt about
He was sent to me from the Heavens above.

Poems and dreams are alike
Poems are the writings of your dream
These are written from my heart and soul
And about My Love that has come to me


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This background set, and images
were made only for Catspaws,
and copywritten to Catspaws,
please do not take, Thank you

Please do not copy these stories or poems
they are copywrited. If you would like one
for your use, please e-mail me. Thank you,
and enjoy.

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