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Dear friends,
Please spread this Yellow Ribbon to all friends around the world to show our soladirity and sympathy for the victims of the riots and chaos in Indonesia last May 13-15, 1998. Many Chinese Indonesian citizens were abused, tortured and killed. Their houses and stores were looted and burnt.
Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian girls/women (aged 10-55) were sexually harassed and gang raped brutally. Some victims were even raped in front of their family members or in front of inhuman cheering crowd.
Some of them were even thrown into the fire and burnt to death after being raped. Yet, not many actions seem to have been taken to investigate all this or to help the victims. And not very many people seem to know or care about what happened. Please help to spread the news and let the world know. We need help to get more international attention to help Chinese Indonesians, who are now living in fear in Indonesia. This yellow ribbon is the symbol of campaign against human rights violations, injustice, and racism towards Chinese Indonesians.
Show that we care and may God help us!

More stories below:

"About 11.30 a.m. I saw some people among the crowd stopping a car and forcing the passengers to get out, and then they dragged two girls out from the car. They take off their shirts and raped them. The two girls tried to fight back, but it was in vain." (An eyewitness, Muara Angke, May 14, 1998).

"After the two girls could get away from the savage rapists, I came to them and embraced them. They begged me to help them finding a secure way to go home. Since I live in that district, I know well the short-cut to the main road. At the Cengkareng cross-road, I saw some nude women corpses, with their faces covered with newspapers. They must had been raped, for I could see the dried blood out to their vaginas, on which the flies swarmed. After leading the two girls the way, I went home through the same road. But when I arrived at the cross-road, the corpses had gone. But to where? Who took them?" (The witness, Muara Anke, May 14, 1998).

"This is not made up story, but a true story. It is only one of hundreds of rapes that happened during the riots on May, 1998. The vastness of the rape, according to the reports filed until July 1998. After the riot then came out some statements that denied the fact of the rape. Well, it is better to silence the statements. The answer is clear already: the rapes did happen. And this happened to not only one or two, but to many women and girls."

Photo of some teenage Indonesian-Chinese girls who were gang-raped, tortured, and burnt to death (their names are in Bahasa Indonesia as they are not allowed to have Chinese name):

Probably some government officials likely to hold their old play: try going to cover the case up as if it never happened since there is no report at all on the savage rape during the riots. It is an easy thing to explain:

First of all, in this country, "having been raped" is a condition which is considered shameful or even a defect. That is why for sure the victims and their families try not to reveal what happened to them.

Second, since the physical and psychological suffering is very unbearable, the victims and the witnesses can only tell, although with difficulties, to the persons whom they trust. The fact that there is no report at all made to the government shows that until now the government has not yet been considered trustworthy by the people with such a problem.

Third, to many rape cases during the riots, the rapists also took the victims' KTP (The Identity Card). And this decreased the possibility of the victims to complain and make reports. They have been silenced by their feelings of "disgrace", by terror or threat.

Lastly, the members of the Volunteers Team for Humanity ("Tim Relawan"), who have been often contacted by the victims and the witnesses, many times get warnings not to continue their activities of "listening" and "helping" the victims. In this very country, even in the (supposed-to-be) reformation spirit, speaking about and listening sympathetically to the victims of the rapes is still considered a threat (to the state-nation? or to some official elements?). Even in the (supposed-to-be) reformation condition, seeking the truth has been accused of being a subversive activity. So we do not need to question why the international community halfheartedly counts on Indonesia, as if they are watching a group of barbaric creatures. Please do not ask why the investments from abroad have not yet come to Indonesia.

From the "absence" of the reports of the rapes to the government, we cannot conclude that the rape itself never happened. There already have reports ("Early Documentations") precisely shows how vast the rapes mere during the riots. A single act of raping has been enough to be considered inhuman. Hundreds of rapes with similar brutal modus operandi were absolutely "systematic and organized massive uncivilized acts".

One of Rape Victim's Testimony
(This story was also reported in Sydney Morning Herald in July)

(Link to Full Story of Vivian's Testimony of the Horrifying Tragedy)

(Alternate Link to Full Story of Vivian's Testimony)

In latest news (7/25/98) the above story's authenticity had been confirmed, now Vivian and her father had taken legal action to the police.

This is one of many victims. Hundreds of women and children were raped, mutilated and killed by muslim mobs. Some had their vaginas ripped apart, their bodies cut into pieces.

Dini, a teacher at the Department of Psychology, University of Indonesia, said that several Chinese women and teenagers who were raped in Jakarta are now pregnant. Many of them are in very sad psychological conditions. Several volunteers are looking for solutions to these situations with abortions as the possible way out.
SUARA MERDEKA (An Indonesian Newspaper), Saturday, July 4, 1998

"A lot of rapes told in the stories took place indoors. There were, however, those that were committed outdoors/on the road. A construction worker, Tole (his real name), told me that the worked in Pantai Indah Kapuk (approx. 4 kilometres from Gedong Panjang) before the incident. There was a Chinese family who tried to avoid the mobs, turned their car the other way only to be confronted with a violent mob. They started beating and throwing stones at the car and knocked the husband unconscious (hit with a broken glass). His wife aged 40-50 was raped, their 3 daughters (the youngest aged 12-14) were all raped. A man finally came along and called for help. He then took the family away. I believe they were taken to the Atma Jaya hospital in Pluit. I would urge all volunteers to search for the facts at the Atma Jaya hospital-Pluit, and at the other hospital (Medika Griya, Kebon Jeruk). The 13-15 May incident is not soon to be forgotten, nor is it lacking evidence. Those looting evils, murdering evils, and raping evils had their days."
Author's Name Concealed, translated to English by D. Kadirun

One of the Supporting Document of Vivian's Rape Account
Anonymous, translated to English by D. Kadirun

"I read that some people still doubt the eyewitness account. How could some people have gone up to the 15th floor and sexually assaulted the women? Here is the additional information I have: I am one of the contractors asked to assess the damage at the apartment. I discovered that of the 300 rooms on 17 floors, only 10 were not damaged. The other 290 were entered by force! The property was totally ransacked, especially electronics (TV, stereo set, etc). I don't dare to imagine what happened to the women in those rooms during the ghastly incident. Those monstrous evils only deepened our country's woes."

Wide Spread Rapes Against Chinese Women and Girls
BBC Report --- June 23, 1998

Reports are beginning to emerge that hundreds of women and girls of Chinese descent were raped during the riots that swept over Indonesia last month. The BBC Correspondent Matt Frei reports on the harrowing accounts of rapes. As more women and girls - previously too scared to speak - come forward, a disturbing pattern of systematic rape has been revealed. According to witnesses, the rioters would attack houses, rape the younger women, burn the house, and then move on to the next house. Girls as young as 11 were targeted, and were often raped in front of their families by as many as 10 men. Ethnic Chinese, who made up only about 3% of Indonesia's population, have traditionally been made into scapegoats. When the rioting broke out in May, many Chinese shops and houses were looted and burned to the ground, and tens of thousands of Chinese fled the country. The truth comes out.

The BBC Jakarta correspondent says that many of the ethnic Chinese are Christian, and it was at church that they first overcame their shame and spoke about what happened. As one woman spoke out about her experiences, another stood up and told a similar story, prompting others to do the same. A terrible realisation dawned on congregations in Jakarta and elsewhere: the Chinese women had become victims of what looked like a campaign of mass rape. Crisis groups have been set up to help the women, but there are still many unanswered questions, and there has been little official recognition of what happened.

The extent of the violence

It is still not known how many women and girls were raped. Many have already fled from Indonesia, and others are still too traumatised to report it and fear further retaliation. An ethnic Chinese hotel manager, Lim Sian Tie, said many women tried to hide. "The trauma is so unbearable, they don't want to see anybody. That is quite understandable. If they are known to have been gang raped they would prefer to commit suicide." Our correspondent says that many of those who could not flee are still in hospital, their minds scarred and their bodies often horribly mutilated.

A doctor at the hospital said that she knew of at least 400 cases of rape. In one incident 68 Chinese women and girls were raped by groups of as many as 10 men who systematically worked through the floors of an apartment block in a middle-class, residential district.

Frequently the women were raped in front of their families and neighbours. One man described how he helped a mother and three daughters escape the country.

"On May 14 my friend's three daughters were put on the back of a truck by a group of men. They were repeatedly raped from four in the afternoon until three in the morning. The youngest was 14."

Our correspondent says the unanswered question haunting the Chinese community, still numb with fear, is who did this? A number of victims have said that the men who raped them had crew cuts and tattoos and that they seemed to be drugged, or drunk. In the rumour mill of Jakarta, some have pointed to the same renegade units in the army which allegedly encouraged the rioters and looters.

Indonesians Report Widespread Rapes of Chinese in Riots
By SETH MYDANS @ New York Times, June 10, 1998

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Human rights and women's aid groups have begun to document what they say appears to have been an organised campaign of assaults, gang rapes and killings of ethnic Chinese women during three days of rioting in Jakarta last month. The aid workers say they have talked with dozens of victims or relatives of victims, and they estimated on Tuesday that more than 100 women and girls may have been attacked and raped in Jakarta alone as their neighbourhoods were burning between May 13 and 15. There were reports of similar attacks during riots in other cities that preceded the fall of President Suharto on May 21. One worker at a women's aid centre, Sita Kayam, said she believed that hundreds of women were receiving physical or psychological help at hospitals here. Other aid workers said most of the victims remained too traumatised to talk about their experiences and too terrified of reprisals to report their ordeals to officials or even to unofficial rape centres. The police said no reports of rape had been brought to the authorities.

Another worker at the women's aid centre, Ita Nadia, said some women had committed suicide after their ordeals. The reported attacks ranged from the degrading and humiliating to the horrific; from women who were made to strip and perform callisthenics in public to women who were repeatedly raped and then thrown into the flames of burning buildings. The reports involve girls and women ranging in age from 10 to 55, the aid workers said. Some were gang raped in front of a crowd in the Chinese commercial district of Glodok, said Rita Kolibonso, executive director of the women's group Mitra Perempuan.

"Some of the rapists said, 'You must be raped because you are Chinese and non-Muslim,'" said Ms. Ita, who works at a crisis centre called Kalyana Mitra. Ethnic Chinese citizens, who control much of the country's commerce, have been targets of violence in Indonesia for years.

The consensus among human rights workers and rape counsellors is that the attacks were mostly organised by unknown groups, in the same way that increasing evidence suggests that organised groups were involved in instigating attacks of arson and vandalism aimed largely at ethnic Chinese neighbourhoods during the rioting. This evidence is based on reports that groups of men arrived simultaneously at various targets in the city with gasoline bombs and other weapons and initiated the violence.

Albert Hasibuan, a member of the National Commission on Human Rights, said human rights workers had talked with a participant in the riots who said he had been recruited, briefed, paid and transported by unidentified men, who provided him and others with stones and gasoline bombs. The commission is the official government human-rights monitoring agency, but since its formation in 1996 has often been critical of the government. Because of the organised nature of many of the reported assaults and because of some physical descriptions of the attackers, the aid workers said they suspected that some elements of the armed forces might have been involved. Some witnesses said they observed men with muscular builds and military haircuts, and one victim said she was raped by men who had a military uniform in their car.

Human rights groups have reported similar suspicions about reported instigators of the looting and arson, who travelled in-groups through the city in vehicles. Hasibuan's group reported last week that at least 1,188 people had died in the rioting in Jakarta and that 40 large shopping centres, 4,083 shops and 1,026 private homes had been attacked, burned or looted.

Lt. Col. Iman Haryatna, the Central Jakarta police chief, told reporters that victims were welcome to come forward but that the police had so far received no reports of assaults on women during the riots. Indonesian President Habibie and his offical continue to be in denial whenever possible about the rape cases. Because of a widespread mistrust of security forces both among the victims and human-rights workers, the reports of rapes are being gathered instead by two prominent women's crisis centres and three well-established human rights groups.

Two aid workers said they had received telephone threats warning them to stop their investigations and their aid to victims. One of these, a Catholic priest named Father Sandiyawan who works at the private Jakarta Social Institute, said someone had sent him a hand grenade in the mail as a warning. The other said she received a telephone call on Saturday in which a man said: "Do you know that a week ago we sent a grenade to Father Sandiyawan? Do you want more than the grenade we sent to Father Sandiyawan?" Ms. Ita said that three weeks after the riots it is still very difficult to approach the victims of rapes and harassment "because their trauma is very deep." "Even for myself, I will tell you that it is really emotionally difficult because I have to confront the experiences of the victims," she said. "It is really very, very bad." Slowly and painfully, she and other counsellors have compiled accounts like the following:

A student was abducted at a bus stop, taken to a swamp near the airport and raped by four men in a car. There was a green uniform in the car and she asked her abductors if they were police officers. "If you are police, you have to save me," she told them, according to Ms. Ita. One of them answered: "No, I have to give you a lesson. You are a woman and you are beautiful and you are part of the Chinese."

In the midst of the riot, a group of men stopped a city bus and forced out all the non-Chinese women. "Then they chose the beautiful women among the Chinese and raped them inside the bus," Sandiyawan said. "The victims of that incident are really depressive. They are in the hospital with their families. They are trying to hide themselves from the public."

A 10-year-old girl returning from school discovered that the shop-house where her family lived and worked had been burned. As she went in search of her parents, she was seized by two men and raped in front of her neighbours.

One woman, a bank officer, told a local reporter that she was seized from the back of a motorcycle in the middle of the riot and thrown to the ground by a group of men. "She told me she was so hysterical and she was so panicked that she does not remember what happened," the reporter said. "But she showed me a lot of bruises on her body, especially on her legs."

In an incident of public humiliation, a group of about 15 men entered a bank where 10 ethnic Chinese employees were taking refuge from the riot. The men locked the door, made the women take off their clothes and ordered them to dance.

In a similar incident during a riot in the city of Medan on May 4, 20 female students at a teachers' training college were stopped by police officers when they tried to flee the violence on their campus. The officers forced them to take off their clothes and perform callisthenics.

In both cases, the women reported that they were fondled but not raped. In another incident of harassment during the riot in Jakarta, a number of ethnic Chinese women were reportedly stripped and made to swim in a pond.

Ms. Ita told of an ethnic Chinese woman who hid in her house with her two younger sisters as the rioters approached. About 10 men came into the house and found the sisters on the third floor. They made the two younger women take off their clothes and told the older sister to stand in a corner, "because you are too old for us." Meanwhile, arsonists entered the lower floors and set fire to the building. "After they had raped her two sisters, the two men said to her, 'We are finished and we are satisfied and because you are too old and ugly we weren't interested in you.' So they took her two sisters and pushed them to the ground floor where there was already fire, and they were killed. "When her mother heard the news, she had a heart attack and died," Ms. Ita said. "So now this woman is in a psychiatric hospital. Sometimes she cries when she tells the story and sometimes she is normal again. That is one of the stories have been confirmed.

Recent Rapes - Excerpts of a Letter from Indonesia
Author's name concealed @ June 25, 1998

In Medan (in North Sumatera, the third largest city in Indonesia), there were many people being killed. Last Sunday, a 16 year old girl in Angsapura (one area of Medan) was raped. Her body was severely hurt and covered with broken glasses. The doctors in Medan did not know what to do with her. She was taken to Singapore. The doctors in Singapore could not repair her extensive body damage. In the end, her mother asked her doctor to put an end to her misery.

There were three elementary students who had been missing for a week. One has just been found. He is 9 years old and is now in a state of shock and confusion as though has been hypnotised. There was another elementary student who was also 9 years old. She was kidnapped, raped, and thrown unconsciously into an animal stable. She was found dead a few days ago.

Three ladies went to register for classes at the 'Fakultas Harapan' University. They took a taxi. Once inside, they were locked in and driven away and raped. One had died and the other two are still in the hospital.

Washington Post

'But the idea that all Chinese are wealthy is an illusion. Most of the hundreds of shops destroyed in Chinatown were mom-and-pop businesses, and many of the owners couldn't afford plane tickets to Singapore, Australia and other, like the thousands who flocked to Jakarta's international airport today.'

Women's rights monitoring group in Indonesia

Among the victims who were sexually abuse, raped, were young ethnic Chinese women. There is one rape case involving a 12 years old girl. They were stripped naked, tortured and sexually abuse beyond humanity. There was no security enforcement due to racial prejudice towards the ethnic Chinese.

The New York Times @ June 10, 1998

Some of the rapists said, 'You must be raped because you are Chinese and non-Muslim, No, I have to give you a lesson. You are a woman and you are beautiful and you are part of the Chinese'. Then they chose the beautiful women among the Chinese and raped them inside the bus.

SUARA MERDEKA. @ Thursday 9, July 1998

"The rapes against Chinese Indonesian are still going on"

"I am reminding you that the incidents of May 13-14 is just the beginning. The Chinese will certainly reap what they have sowed. At the proper time, there will be cleansing operations against the Chinese. The economy situation will get worse..."
By Engineer Sasongko in a letter to Kompas Publisher on June 20, 1998.
Kompas is a major newspaper in Jakarta.

Indonesian News Brief:

"Deserved to be Raped Because of Not Trying Hard Enough to Integrate ?"
by Wei Siong Tan,
Indonesians of Chinese Heritage Foundation

Chinese Indonesians comprise about 4% of Indonesia's total population of more than 209 million people. Recently the minority Chinese Indonesians have become the targets of looting, burning and raping. Historically, the Chinese Indonesians were the scapegoats in times of conflicts or hardships in Indonesia. Increasing evidences suggest that organised forces were behind the recent racially motivated assaults, gang rapes, burning, and killings of innocent ethnic Chinese. More than 4000 shops were burnt and more than 1200 people killed.

According to a new report handed to the Indonesian Human Rights Commission, solid evidences have been collected detailing 168 rapes of women and children, and the consequent death of 20 victims, either killed by their assailants, burnt to death in their homes, or later died of their injuries or committed suicide. There are hundreds more cases that are unaccounted for. Most victims are either too afraid or too ashamed to come forward.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, by the end of this year, half of Indonesia's population will be under the poverty level unable to afford the basic staples of rice and cooking oil. As the food crisis escalates, the chances of even more wide spread violence will increase exponentially.

We would like to call the attention of the world community to the atrocities committed against the Chinese Indonesians during the recent riots in Indonesia. The riots were targeted at the minority Chinese who have been residing in Indonesia for generations. Chinese Indonesians were tortured, killed, raped, and burnt to death. Their properties were looted. Their houses and shops were destroyed and burnt. Recent reports show that the assaults on the Chinese Indonesians are still going on up to this day.

The most despicable atrocities are the horrible sex crimes committed against the helpless Chinese Indonesian women and young children. Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian women and children were gang-raped in public, and in front of their families. Many of the victims remained traumatised and some women killed themselves after their ordeals. The systematic raping is part of an organised tactic to terrorise, degrade and humiliate the Chinese Indonesians. Increasing evidence suggests that the assaults and the raping were well organised. Trucks were used to transport people to the crime scene. Victims described the rapists as muscular with crew cut. Reports showed army stood by while the heinous crimes were committed. There were even reports of participation of men in green uniforms. The Indonesian government has not seem taken the responsibility to protect or help its ethnic Chinese citizens.

This is an internet letter that has been circulated from a Malaysian:

"...We don't know much that are now happening in Indonesia because, their people are trying to cover up everything. The reason of doing all that is because they don't like the CHINESE who can EARN A LIVING, A BETTER LIFE THAN THEM. Most of them are so lazy to work.

These are what they are still doing beside rape, steal, burn:

They force their father to rape their daughter; they force their brother to rape their sister; they record everything into VCD; they take pictures of them to put into the Internet; they are pretending to be soldiers in the day, and putting red, green & blue cross at each house. (Red = Burn; Green = There are some more to rape; Blue = There are some more to steal) At night, they will change & do all the stealing, raping & burning. They are in a group. Someone is behind all these. Someone is giving away $6 US to rape a Chinese Indonesian. Many of them are pregnant. 5000 Chinese Indonesian were dead. A lot about how the Indonesian scolded the Chinese in the newsgroup but all are written in Bahasa Indonesia...

A university student of chinese now lying in a Singapore hospital, after operation to remove her uterus was carried out. The extensive damage to the uterus was a results of brutal rape by a group of horny pribumis, using bottles & sticks into her vagina causing extensive damage.

The Chinese Indonesian think that the Jakarta-President B.J. Habibie is trying to cover up everything. The people who are still there must have no more money to leave that place. If other country would not want to help them. I guess, they got to wait for them to repeat the same thing over & over again.

The Straits Times @ Oct 11, 1998

Ms. Ita, an ethnic Chinese teen, who had planned to leave for the United States with a number of victims to testify at the United Nations, was murdered possibly after being raped. [News Report]

News on DEC 22 1998: Jakarta admits 76 rapes in May riots

"We cannot ignore such injustice and inhumane treatment of our fellow human beings. Your support and action will provide much needed relief to the suffering victims. The atrocious and heinous crimes against humanity must be stopped."

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