Don't laugh it's paid for. If you would like a glass of wine while you check out our pages "You can run down to the basement yourself and get it"

This is Toni (the love of my life) her nickname is TeeLee. She more or less runs the place. She works a full time job, takes care of the girls, Renee and Jen, along with me (which is a full time job all its own). I call her "Cricket" reason being she has this little squeak on her 88 Sporty that won't go away.

"Hey Panhead is my bike clean yet?"

This is me, Robby/Panhead to my biker friends. I work as a Corrections officer for the state of Pennsylvania. My stress relief is my 96 Roadking, which I ride as much as possible. It had a little squeak in it once but I won't get into it here cause you'll tell Cricket and I'll never live it down.

"I always try to be friendly and wave to passing motorists, Its just sometimes I forget to use all my fingers"

If you haven't guessed by now, Yes we are a biker family. We ride Harley Davidsons because that is the bike of our choice. We have respect for anyone who rides on two wheels be it a Harley or any other motorcycle. I can go on and on here about Cricket and myself but that was not our intention for these pages. What we are trying to accomplish here is to try and make people aware of the POW/MIA issue. We did a lot of research before we attempted the following pages and we hope you find them to your liking. The next page you will come to is a list of all the POW/MIA's from the Keystone state. What we would like to do someday is be able to delete each name off our wall and put this issue to a final rest. Until then we will continue to fight for the cause and will not give up hope until all the POW/MIA's are accounted for. Enough said, so grab yourself a coffee and take a look around and be sure to sign our guestbook and let us know what you think...

While your looking around I'll finish cleaning Crickets bike

You didn't think I was serious did you?


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"If you are a flag burner,draft dodger, or you don't like bikers look no further [YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!] click below and we will tell you where to go"
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