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SKATE (sk-8) 1. The term used for agressive skating and skateboarding. 2. SKATING Agressive skating and skateboarding


Host: Rich has entered the room
Host: Olas has entered the room
Host: You have entered the room
Rich: Welcome to our page!
Olas: yeah!
Rich: This site is dedicated to skate.
Olas: it includes:
Both: we just started this page, so cut us some slack.
Olas: as you may have noticed it sais Olas well my real name is Nicholas. For the full name story email :
Rich: yeah we both love skating.
Olas: we went to a site (heckler) and made a ramp!

Rich: it kix @$$*!
Olas: we'll have some pictures of us going off it.
Rich: it kix @$$!
Olas: yeah
Rich: it kix @$$!
Olas: yeah
Rich: it kix @$$!
Olas: stop saying that! It's annoying!
Host: Adam has entered the room
Adam: hey guys! what up?
Both: Hey ad.
Rich: done any cool trix?
Adam: kickflip

Olas: sweet.
Rich: Yo, I just remembered! i did this huuuuge > ollie!
Olas: hey, check this out: >Sumblime: music to skate to
All: well, gotta go, check back later, and remember, skating is not a crime.

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Pleeease check back soon, we will update EVERY DAY!. All technical stuff, (pix, linx, ani, movz, background music, etc.) is done by Rich.
*it does not literaly kick @$$. Then we'd have to shoot it.



Most pictures on this web site are from ccs mailorder catalauge, Team Paradise, Slams Place web page (ani), and other sk8ing pages. for more legal picture info, email RICHDUDE97@AOL>COM
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