Ringside-The Lance's column of wrestling news and views.

Now on the web. Check here weekly for the latest from the WWF, WCW, ECW and everywhere in between.
Ringside is a tradition at The Lance.
One of the only wrestling columns in the Canadian University Press,
Ringside has brought the students of the Univ. of Windsor
the latest news and commentary from the squared circle.
Now it will continue on year round here on the internet.
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Ringside April 26
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Where I go for my information
1 Wrestling -Daily updates on the Lariat as well as a Newswire for up to the minute goings on. As well as the premier message board on the web.

Wrestleline-New site with corporate backing, but the new home for Wrestlemaniacs as well as WOW Magazine and other top writers.

Scoops -Just what its name says. Updates every day except Sunday with good stuff. Brand new look to it.

ECW News-Great site for all the latest on ECW.

Slam Wrestling
-From the same company as the Toronto Sun, this is the best site for Canadian wrestling info.

-The official site. Some good info but the Ross Report is the real reason to visit here.

-The official site. Not as good as the WWF for info but it's half decent.

-The official site. Little information but still nice for the basic info on the greatest company.

WCW Live-For those of you into Real Audio, the internet talk show that shoots it real with WCW superstars and frank discusions on the world of wrestling, not just WCW.

LAW (Live Audio Wrestling)-Another Real Audio show coming from Fan 590 in Toronto. Nice archieves with interviews. Show airs late Sunday night but is available for the next week to download.
Some of my favorite wrestler's homepages.

Chris Jericho
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