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[Updated Sep 14, 2009] 
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 2009 is the last year of GeoCities, a piece of the History of the Internet is passing the way of the Dodo bird, Canaries in Coal Mines, Siege Towers (except in Video Games), and Beverly Hills Internet (BHI) who stated GeoCities in mid 1995, at the same time I joined the signed up with my 1st ISP, Internet Direct. When the switch is turned of on October 26th, I will have been on GeoCities for 13 years, 8 months, and 16 days (5007 days).

I did receive my DTM in Toastmasters, on Sept 4, 2008 ... the paperwork got delayed ...  I had joined them May 1st, 2005, and completed all my requirements by June 30th, 2008. My HPL project was making "A Mini History of Toastmasters in British Columbia" multi-media DVD.

I have returned from Independent City of Chesapeake, Virginia on July 23rd after visiting grandchildren. My daughter and Son-in-Law have just bought a house complete with a swimming pool there. Chesapeake City was created from the merger of Norfolk County and South Norfolk City, Virginia in 1963. It runs from Norfolk City in the north to Virgina Beach in the east, the Dismal Swamp in the west and North Carolina in the south. In fact it has been inhabited by Europeans since 1691.

I journeyed ~3000 miles east to take my Grandchildren take them to this year's Harry, Ron, and Hermione appearance on the big screen again in the 6th movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".

Well I read the 7th book, 
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by July 21, 2007, now they are going to make it into 2 movies to come out in November 2010 and 2011.  A chronology can be found in the Recreation Room with the teenagers and the wanabee teens.

Welcome to our cyber MANOR. Please take a look at all our web pages in the various rooms:
BEACH CABIN Our cyber summer cabin is in Parksville, Canada. When in England we will be in Pinn, Devon
BOAT HOUSE The Boat House is full of fast luxury boats Sep 11/1998
CARS Our converted stable is parking for our expensive cars, and fast cars races around the world. Feb 27/2005
DODD The manor is full of Dodd families and other relatives with their genealogy Feb 27/2005
ELECTRONIC TOYS Our parlor is full of all kinds of electronic toys, including live radio, music and Internet TV, which is tuned the Beijing Olympics. Aug 08/2008
ESTATE OFFICE Loaded with the latest computers information Oct 26/1999
GARDENS With a spectacular view overlooking the whales playground in the Juan de Fuca strait. Feb 25/2003
KITCHEN Including lots of cook books and recipes from our mothers Jan 08/2004
LIBRARY Our library is full of books and magazines with links to all the world libraries. One book is special, it is "Life of Brian" Mar 10/2004
PLAY ROOM Is for the young children with lots of toys and other fun things to do, including a list of the TOP TEN toys of all time. Sep 06/2005
RECREATION ROOM A place for our teenager's to have fun in. Located in the attic, we now have the Harry Potter books and videos in there.
Aug 17/2008

Take a look at our other links or our what's  [Racing 2008, Dodds Jun/05, Christmas past].

You are one of Counter visitors to drop in the last 13 years (since February 10,1996).  click on the CD to listen to our music and make your stay more enjoyable as you browse around our site.

This page is hosted by Yahoo! Geocities, where we used to meet some new friends on the Heartland Front Porch. After the porch fell down, went we moved tICQ to chat. Now we use either  MSN Live MessengerYahoo! Messenger, or Google Talk.

You can also take a trip to my home city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. While there visit Butchart Gardens. Victoria is the garden city of Canada; to help you, Tourism Victoria has a series of web pages about the Greater Victoria that give you everything from the history and the special places to see and things to do.

Ponoka For wide open spaces in the blue sky country visit my brother's old town of Ponoka, Alberta. He is now in BIG City of Vancouver (actually Ladner) to be near his children and grandchildren. He increased them by 300% in 2006. Well another snow season is just starting for the skiers in the nearby Rocky mountains to swish down the slops.

Victoria is a beautiful two hour ferry trip from Vancouver. Sadley our friend Garth pasted way on , and so did his Web Mart.

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